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# About Me

Creativity Embedded With Management

My name is Mukesh kapoor, The owner of PunjabiMohalla.com and other established websites. I am an internet marketer and thinker who loves studying internet business models & creating successful Branding and Internet Marketing Strategies for Several businesses.I worked as an Internet Marketer and adhering to techniques like SEO, SMO, SMM & SEM and more. Help Companies in generating the business by making internet marketing Strategies for them to generate the business leads / prospect and convert those prospects into long term business for the organization.

I am a very friendly and extrovert person and fun to be around. Wherever I go, interact with different people and socialize with them and creating great connections. Over the years I have been privileged to connect to many successful People and learned so much inturn.

# Experience

My Professional Journey

I have specialized in creating Internet Marketing Strategies, Branding Strategies, SEO SMO Works and Web Designs For the Companies and Celebrities.I have ECommerce and PR experience after working for a Giant UK Based Company DATAWIND (INDIA), Team Leader experience from Citi Financials (INDIA).In Addition I have Completed many Internet Marketing projects For various Celebrities, Individual and Companies.

# New projects

Things in Process

# Skills

Learned ability to carry out pre-determined results.

I am a Cheater But I Don't Cheat Manners.I Hate Study But Love technology.I Don't Have Books in Hand But I Have Revolutionary Ideas In Mind.World Can't Change Us But I can Change The WOrld For You or Your Company.

Branding & PR

# Education

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

  • Guru Nanak institute of Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma In Business Management (2006-08)
  • Division - A , Passed With 74% Marks

  • Maharshi Dayanand University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (2003-06)
  • Division - A , Passed With 65% Marks

People have a lot of things to learn in their knowledge and their skills. One of these several ways of learning, I prefer is doing things by myself rather than learning by reading about things or learning by listening to people talking about.First of all, learning by doing things develops our maturity. When you do things by yourself, you learn to depend on yourself. I Learn Most of the Things Like By this Process and I Always Depends on Good Examples Made By Authors on their Websites.The fact of doing things by ourselves can help us to get some experiences that would strenghten our maturity.If You are Working in Some Technical Field Like internet marketing, brand management , You have to be a Mature Enough to get the best Possible Results.

# Portfolio

HardWork and Creativity Implemented on Projects

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    • Mukesh Kapoor
    • Haryana
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    • Site: www.mukeshkapoor.com
    • Email: kapoor17@gmail.com
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