Digital marketing is not a choice in 21st century, Its a requirement.

- Mukesh Kapoor -

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  • Birthday: February 17, 1985
  • Location: Chandigarh, India
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Hello, My name is Mukesh Kapoor.I am a MBA, now a Digital Marketer from past 10 years. Scope of Growth in the Digital Marketing field is tremendous but make sure that you develop and adapt to the new evolving Digital Technologies.

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Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles Comparison

The Future of Mobile Web Content

Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles are the future of fast web content.Both companies are pushing content creators, Even google includes it in SEO algorithm.

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google mobile speed SEO ranking factor

Slow speed means lower search rankings

Google Speed Update algorithm rolls out in july 2018. It will impact the mobile search rankings of the slowest of sites on the internet.

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Whatsapp facebook turns fake news factories

Facebook failing to tackle fake news tide

UK Lawmaker: Social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc should be held liable for "harmful and misleading" material spread on their platforms.

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