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On Page SEO, Website speed optimization and appropriate Content is my technique to boost SEO for any website.

Studies show that when a web page doesn't load within three seconds 25% of visitors will already have left. A slow website or even a delay when loading a web page is guaranteed to lose visitors and therefore also potential customers. Testing and optimizing page speed is essential. I use my experience of 10+ years to optimize speed of any website and thus improve performance of website. User experience is a metrics for SEO and fast speed with relevant content helps me to boost SEO for any Website. Right Now I am engaged with one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh. If You want to hire me as SEO Expert or Digital Marketer for any project, Then Feel free to contact me.

Top Google Page speed optimization Factors as SEO Expert

Fully optimize websites with good page speed ranks high with help of SEO. Learn about what I do and these all are technical aspects to boost SEO of any website. All the factors below are highly technical and only a SEO expert or a Digital marketing expert can understand them. If you are not an expert in this field with knowledge of html, php and wordpress then please hire someone to optimize your website. If you my guidance in finding any good digital marketing company in chandigarh, Then I am always here for you.

Gzip compression

Reduce the size of your web files on fly by an average of 60-70% by enabling GZIP compression on your server.

Optimize CSS delivery

Make Faster page rendering by inlining, minifying and compressing CSS files. Use Light byte CSS designs.

Defer CSS loading

Defer load low priority CSS files to render your web pages quicker. Fast web page rendering means good ON Page SEO.

Leverage Browser Caching

This can be implemented via Htaccess to speed up your website. With this caching user's browser will download less data.

Defer Javascript Loading

Defer loading of website Javascript files to improve page load times and google page speed for SEO.

Inline CSS scripts

Instantly render your CSS by calling it directly from the HTML head. Avoid render-blocking CSS.

Make fewer HTTP requests

Fewer HTTP requests helps to increase TTFB ( Time take for first byte ) and reduce server load.

Use less Javascripts

Detect and remove unnecessary Javascripts from your web pages and reduce page load time.

Reduce images

Reduce the amount of image files on your web page and also reduce file load by combining them.

Rendering path

Set up the critical rendering path to optimize the initial above-the-fold page view of web page.

Lazy load images

Load images when the visitors is viewing them. This speeds up the loading of web page content.

Optimize images

Optimize your images by reducing their file size to a bare minimum to speed your website up.

Speed up Wordpress

Optimize your WordPress website for best google page speed and SEO ranking with my help.

Fix broken requests

Fix all broken links, images on your website to improve page load speed and enhance SEO.

Use the right hosting

Which type of hosting is best for speed but also low priced? Shared, VPS, dedicated or another type?

How to speed up Apache

Learn how to speed up a Apache server by tweaking its settings and using free applications.

Inline Javascript code

Inline smaller Javascripts of a webpage to improve page load times and On page SEO.

Don't use CSS @import

Avoid using CSS @import to load external CSS files to avoid slowing your web page down.

Use asynchronous scripts

Load your scripts asynchronously to improve page load times and On page SEO.

Avoid Javascript libraries

Avoid loading big Javascript libraries like Jquery for smaller functions.

Use a CDN

Use a Content Delivery Network to provide your visitors with the fastest response & download times.

Enable keep-alive

Make sure you have keep-alive enabled to allow multiple browser connections without using multiple TCP connections.

Avoid redirects

Avoid using unnecessary redirects of web resources or pages from .htaccess, stop them from slowing your website down.

Top Tips for SEO

10 Years of experience made me the best SEO Expert in chandigarh. I leveraged my expertise to various companies & brands to establish themselves into digital space. If you want to be in the digital marketing field then these tips will help you out. If you are here to hire the best digital marketing company in chandigarh, Then I am always here to help you. Page speed is the main component for any website ranking these days. So make your website faster and ON page SEO will help you to rank your business better.

Html Optimization

Analyze the Html and optimise delivery of a web page.

CSS Optimization

Minimize CSS connections for page speed.

Javascript Optimization

Analyze the JS files delivery of your web pages.

Time to First Byte

Optimise delivery of web page with fastest first byte.

GZIP Compression

Serve web pages with Gzip compression. Fast page speed matters.

Image Optimization

Compress images to deliver the optimized content from website.

Meta Tags

Include Title tags, Meta tags and OG graphs for better SEO

Structured Data

Give structured data to Google bots and get better ranking with SEO


Include robots file and directs search engine bots to crawl various files.


Include a defined sitemap of website in XML format for search bot reading.

Broken Links

Test your web pages for broken links and make a defined 404 page.


Secure serving of pages is now mandatory from Google's search algorithm.

On Page SEO

Include relevant keywords in the content of pages, It helps to rank high.

Off Page SEO

Create Do follow high Authority links for your website

Social media optimization

Get traffic from social media and make your business popular.

Relevant Content

Always serve relevant content to the users and make them engaged