Common myths and Misconceptions about yoga


Yoga is being preached throughout the world, yet people have many misconceptions about Yoga. Due to these misconceptions people stay away from Yoga.Checkout some of the myths and please aware people about them, Yoga is beneficial and We all must do it everyday to keep ourselves fit and fine.
A. Yoga is related to a particular religion : Yoga was started in India by the hermits and ascetics. Many people consider that Yoga is related to the Hindu religion and they consider that Yoga is meant for the Hindus only.
This concept is totally wrong , rather Yoga can be done by any person belonging to any religion. Yoga is a kind of exercise; it has no connection with any religion.
B. Yoga is meant for men : Many people consider that people doing Yoga, have to follow strict rules. Hence, it can be done by men only, it is meant for women. Fact is that, there are no set rules for doing Yoga and it is equally useful for men and women.
C. Yoga is only for the sick people : Many diseases are possible to treat with the help of Yoga. Some people assume that Yoga is a method of a treatment and meant for only those people who are suffering from any disease. This assumption is wrong. Yoga can be done by any healthy person and he can save his body from any disease.
D. Yoga is meant for hermits only : Hermits and ascetics used to do yoga practice while staying in forests. Even today people have a wrong assumption that one has to leave his home to do yoga and there is no connection of a household man and the yoga. But, in reality Yoga can be done even staying at home.

Yoga is a way of life and its not at all for awakening Kundalini, the serpentine energy. This is a myth about yoga and You dont have to be flexible to do yoga. There are many yoga classes available these day that cater to differing levels of flexibility.

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