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10 Bajrang Dal Memes motivating Single’s to join Bajrang dal on Valentine’s Day

Ashikon Ke Navratre’, i.e. Valentine’s week is already here. Most people are busy giving gifts to their crushes, love interests and partners but there is a group of people who don’t believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day.

They are part of the ‘‘Forever Single Brigade’ and the organization supporting them is THE BAJRANG DAL… naam toh suna hi hoga.

Bajrang Dal has been the ‘certified’ pyar ka dushman for years. With this fact coming into picture, memers are sure to use it as their meme material for Valentine’s Day Special Edition Memes.

We have compiled some of them for you to have a laugh.

Propose Day Is Here


Play It Safe

Be a Sakht Launda

Innocence At Its Best


Bajrang Dal Wants To Know Your Location

Even Girls Won’t Risk It

Even Guddu Bhaiya Got No Chill


Badshah Salamat

If you are single then you are already hating this month. Okay, hate might be too strong a word, but you feel the irk of love vibe all around. The month begins with excitement for all the lovers who are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. But it is not just a one-day celebration, it starts from a week in advance from Rose Day, Propose Day, Kiss Day and all that jazz. All the shops, malls are decked with red clothes, heart balloons or anything else that symbolises love. If you are single or recently broken up, we know the pain and displeasure all these sights can cause. Indian youths, we can totally feel your need to join Bajrang Dal (all in good humour). Well, you cannot avoid the day, can you? Best, if you can though! But if you are wondering how to celebrate your Valentine’s Day 2019, we have some fun suggestions you could try to enjoy your singlehood.

A week before Valentine’s Day, you can totally see the vibe of love that surrounds everywhere. Not all couples may follow the Valentine Week routine, but you can at least see the enthusiasm they have for the upcoming day of expressing love. It can get suffocating if you have newly broken up. There are chances you’d see only couples all around. But there’s no feeling bad about your singledom. You can embrace the spirit of love, just in ways very different than others. Here are some ways in which singles can spend this Valentine’s Day.

Join Bajrang Dal or Anti-Love Protests

Indian single youth, if they love someone on Valentine’s Day it is the Bajrang Dal group. A religious militant organisation that is so anti-love, they end up beating the lovey-dovey couples. If your hate for the season of love is so strong, then start enrolling online for joining the Bajrang Dal! All you have to do is drive away the couples who are enthusiastically showing off their love. Remember, ‘make war, not love’ is your motto.

So Apply early or you will loose both


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