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10 Bollywood Actresses got their Breast enhanced with Surgicals

Breast implants/ breast enhancement or boobs jobs becoming common things in Bollywood industry. Actress leave no stone to look stunning on the silver screen and the instant fix helps them a great deal.

The trends was comes from Hollywood where Kim Kardashian, who desired to get breast implants when she was already heavy endowed, which also got eyeballs rolling.

Here are the list of some bollywood actress who do their boobs job to get hot and seductive look.

The dusky beauty went has gotten breast enhancement done to look more seductive. To being a super model she had a slender figure that was perfect for modelling worlds. After get into Bollywood without wasting any time Bips had a procedure done. She never failed and loved to flaunt her heavy and curvy

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who is always known for her perfect figure even today. She always gives credit to yoga, exercise and daily diet while the reason for the perfect figure was something else. While comparing her in Baazigar with today pictures you can notice the nose jobs, she is also known to have gotten a breast enhancement done.

As you seen Kangana in Gangster in 2006, she was known for her acting abilities. But in 2011 in Rascals, when she dons a bikini where she flaunting her figure. Kangana shunned her petite frame for a bigger size.

Former Miss universe Sushmita Sen has been crowned in 1994, she made her debut in Bollywood in Dastak in 1996. While getting success in her modelling after that in Bollywood she decided to get more to look hot than she resort the breast enhancement.

Ayesha always made a lot of noise for her heavy bosom. She was initially launched in a music album, where she was seen making a hustle with innocent acts. After she entered Bollywood she suddenly started looking very different from earlier. She could never make headlines for her films and acting abilities as she did for her breast implants. However she always keeps mum on her surgery.

Sri Devi was the lady in Bollywood industry who got a nose job, but she always refuse to accept this. But this is not only nose jobs she also resorted breast implant. However, one look at her before and after pictures and one knows how much has changed over the years.

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