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10 Hidden Facts And Secrets Of Ratan Tata That You Should Know

Ratan Tata is one of the most respected man in India and also one of the richest man in India. He is said to be one of the kindest businessman with a good and humble attitude towards his employees, he also does various kinds of social work for the society and country as well. Let’s know more about him in detail.

So here are 10 hidden facts about Ratan Tata that you should know !

1. Donates every year for education

Ratan Tata is very known widely for his donation activities in the country and he also donates a huge amount in the education sector. He gave $50 million to Harvard Business school and $25 million to Cornell University, specially for the Indian students.

2. Ratan Tata is not a billionaire?

Ratan Tata couldn’t place himself in the billionaire list because a large amount goes in the charitable trusts ( around 65% of his earnings).

3. Parents got separated

In the year 1940, Ratan Tata’s parents got separated and at that time he was just a 7-year old kid. After that he was looked upon by his grandmother.

4. IBM offer

When Ratan Tata completed his education, he got a job offer from IBM but he refused to take that job and joined his family business.

5. Education

Ratan Tata studied in best school and colleges, he went for schooling at Cathedral and John Connon School and before that he went to Bishop Cotton School at Shimla and also to Campion School Bombay. He went to famous colleges like Cornell University, New York for architecture and Harvard Business School.

6. Blue-collar employee

Did you know that Ratan Tata worked as a blue-collar employee in Tata Steel? Well yes, till 1971 he worked as a blue-collar employee at Tata Steel.

7. Was adopted?

Ratan Tata was adopted by some distant relatives by Navabai Tata (widow of Ratanji Tata). He was actually the great grandson of Jamshedji Tata.

8. Trained pilot

9. Gave Worldwide recognition to Tata Group

Tata is running 96 businesses today and out of it 28 are listed on various stock exchanges. He made this company a global business and now acquires Jaguar, Land Rover, Corus and Tetley. All thanks to Ratan Tata.

10. Pride to our country

Ratan Tata had received Padma Bhushan and also the Padma Vibhushan award.

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