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10 Hilarious Shaktimaan Memes That Will Make Your Day

Today we are going to talk about the greatest superhero! No it’s not Batman, it’s not Superman, it’s Shaktimaan! Yeah he’s way too powerful, he can single handedly wipe the floor with Avengers and Justice League, both at once. Shaktimaan first aired on 27 September 1997 on the channel Doordarshan. This Indian superhero through his immense dedication and deep meditation masters over the five elements of life which allows him to gain super human strength and amazing powers.

So Let’s Take A Look At Some Hilarious Shaktimaan Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL!

1. So guys, who did it better? Nargis or Shaktimaan? Let us know your answers by commenting below the article.

2. When bae asks you to come over because she’s home alone.

3. Me handling my exams, studies, career, and responsibilities. The burden is too much.

4. Yeah that’s my reaction. Fudge off, you son of a biscuit. I am be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly.

5. When Shaktimaan meets Mia Khalifa. You can’t resist the temptation Shaktimaan, but you can try. Come to the dark side man.

6. True story. Facebook display picture Vs Aadhar Picture.

7. Shaktimaan is here to save the day. 

8. You don’t talk back to Shaktimaan, you just don’t kid.

9. You won’t understand what friendzone is, until and unless you have experienced it.

10. Practice safe love making. 

11. He is doing..nothing.

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