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10 Hot Pics of Chrissy Teigen

Before she landed her first highly coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover in 2010; Before she became a source of culinary inspiration for millions

Before she hit it big on the small screen as co-host of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle; Before she tied the knot with John Legend, becoming a major inspiration of #couplegoals

Chrissy Teigen was just a small town girl trying to find herself. Read on to discover the eight most surprising facts you likely never knew about this Thai-Norwegian beauty who, by 2017, has become one of the most successful models in the biz.

Born in a small town in Utah called Delta (which had a population of 3,329 in 2010) to a Thai mother and Norwegian father

Teigen spent a large part of her childhood moving around the country, following her father, an electrician, who had no qualms about packing up his family and relocating.

From Utah, the Teigen fam traveled to Hawaii, Idaho and Washington before eventually settling down in Huntington Beach, California.

Making the move from Seattle to Huntington Beach, the young beauty needed some time to adjust to the change of scenery and lifestyle.

As she explained, “Seattle was like a Disney family town.

There was no emphasis put on being sexy and people didn’t even talk about sex or drugs. I moved to Huntington Beach and everything grew up a lot faster there.”

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are currently on a FOMO-inducing beach vacation with celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin and her husband, and honestly it looks perfect?

Like, what am I doing wrong with my life that I’m not also there? IDK, but here’s John Legend living the dream

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