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10 Indian Advertisements Which Will Make You Hass Hass ke Pagal!

Advertisements are a very important part of any business. People need to know about your products, if you want to sell them. Almost every company spends a lot in process of advertisement. They want their ads to be perfect and eye catchy. They want to gain as much as consumers possible so that their brand may gain popularity.

But certainly, sometimes when we try to make something different, we really end up creating a mess. There are some people, who in process of trying to do some innovative touch over advertisement created blunder. Most funny part is all of this happened in India. Every such blunder only happens in our own nation. Here are some advertisement which are hilarious and funny AF.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Hilarious Indian Advertisements Which Will Make You GO ROFL!

1. Is it really an opportunity? Woah Chowkidar position looks exciting in a way. Rs. 8000 for COMING!

2. Whatttt??? Seriously did I just read that? WHO should use this tagline to promote usage of precautions in India. Who knows…it might work!

3. Crazy AF? But if you deeply think about it, it’s kina true. Life is all about give and take.

4. Kaisa Ad Hai Bhai? Now that’s how you grab the attention of the people. It’s an art.

5. Where the hell is the nose? These guys will replace your nose with hair too.

6. Is he planning to teach, or suicide? Just look at the level of confidence this guy has! 

7. But why would a Rickshaw Driver ever learn Physics? These guys are seriously ‘GHATAK’.

8. Look at the list! Bhaiya, ek Aishwarya Rai dena!

9. This day won’t ever come, what a way? Just genius!

10. Now, what in the blue hell is happening here? What kind of drawing is that on the bus?

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