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10 Interesting Facts About Vladimir Putin “The Most Dangerous President”

Vladimir Putin has been the famous leader of this century and he is not just a leader, but a dictator too. His influence and popularity is growing by the years and he is not only ruling Russia but also trying to expand his arms towards neighboring countries, especially the Eurasian region. So let us know more about this leader and start hereby.

So here are 10 facts about Vladimir Putin that you may have not known till now!

10. Vladimir Putin has a very bad habit of getting late at every place. He had even made Pope Francis wait for him for more than an hour, it shows how he loves to control things near him.

9. Vladimir Putin might be the richest person in the world as his fortune is estimated to be around $200 billion.

8. Vladimir Putin’s palace is so big that it could be caught even by the satellites and has three helipads in his palace and he hires special national security guards to guard his palace.

7. Vladimir always kept his married life in shadow and when he divorced his wife, Lyudmila, people just went crazy as they didn’t even know he was married.

6. After invading Ukrainian region, he just controls over everything, so he drank a wine out of Ukrainian’s National Treasure and that wine was 240 years old.

5. When New England Patriots owner named Robert Kraft came to Russia in 2005 to visit him, Kraft showed a super bowl ring to Putin and he just took it away and started moving and escorted Kraft. That ring was never returned after then.

4. Vladimir Putin can be said a musician as he played piano and also sung “Blueberry Hill” at a charity event.

3. Vladimir Putin may not be having good terms with America but he surely loves American Literature and Ernest Hemingway and Jack London are his favorite ones.

2. Vladimir Putin is an animal lover and loves spending time with them, he had also calmed a fierce bear once.

1. Vladimir Putin also loves to explore the underwater world and also took a ride to explore the ruins of 10th century’s trading ship called Byzantine.

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