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10 Marriages Which Were Canceled Due to Strange Reasons

Wedding or Marriage, the big day in every one’s life. The day we all have lavish plans about and are ready to make fat expenditures for the best execution. But, What if the bride or groom calls off the wedding on the date? Sounds sad, right? Take a look at some marriages which were canceled for strange reasons.

But here are 10 people who actually canceled their wedding due to some illogical excuses. Scroll down to check these couples and the reasons they broke up the marriages.

10. No compromise with Dogs. 

This is a scene from Banglore. The “handsome and educated” groom didn’t agree to have a dog after the wedding. The girl happily left the stage with her furry friend.

9. Get a Washroom first!

A wedding at Kanpur was called off because of no good facility to the loo. The bride left the man and went off with the one who had a washroom built at his home.

8. Where are the lights?

It was the garlanding ceremony. The Groom’s side wanted more lights at the venue. The bride’s family disagreed and this broke out to be a huge verbal fight. Sooner the wedding was called off too.

7. No word against Modi Ji!

There was a hot debate between the bride and groom about Modiji’s economic policy. Their different notions on the issue led to a huge wedding failure.

6. Bhabhiji Ghar pr hai?

The groom had a good bond with his bhabhi. They danced on the day and also she kissed him on the stage. This left an unpleasant impression on the bride’s family and they called off the new relation.

5. The Biryani Scandal

The bride’s family didn’t know of the groom being vegetarian. Out of happiness and excitement, they sent 30kg chicken biryani as a gift. The groom’s family fought over this on the day. And the event was called off.

4. An item dance, please?

This was a request from a groom at Firozabad. But the girl refused out of self-respect. This led to the cancellation of their wedding.

3. Bow down or Sod off.

At the event the groom’s friends playfully lifted him. The girl made 3 attempts to garlanding him but failed. She quietly left the stage and called off the wedding

2. Photoshop went wrong

It was an arranged marriage at Agra. The brides have only seen their men in a picture. The reality check was absolutely unacceptable. The men were ugly and aged. To this,s the sisters called off their wedding.

1. Did you bunk The Maths class?

On the wedding day, the girl was informed about her to be life partner being illiterate. She asked him to add 6 to 15. The man answered 17. She went off straight away and the event failed.

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