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10 Pics from Kim Kardashian G String Bikini Photoshoot will make your sunday

If you were worried we’d make it through the entire summer without pictures of Kim Kardashian meandering around the beach in a thong bikini

fear not, she’s doing just that!

Annnnd, cut to the internet all:

The reality star is currently on vacation in Miami

where she’s already been spotted out and about in a lime green wig and a bright pink body suit.

So she might as well push sartorial boundaries one step further with a neon pink G-string, right? RIGHT.

Apparently Kim’s purpose for being on the beach was a casual photo shoot

and the photos clearly turned out great. But while some might call these NSFW, there’s honestly zero wrong with a woman enjoying some sun on the beach in a thong

and it’s not like Kim’s any stranger to the look (see: the GIF below).

It’s also not as if this is anything the world hasn’t seen before on her Instagram. In other words, GET YOURS, Kim.

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