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10 Pics of Emira Kowalska are breathtaking

Emira Kowalska is a model, vegan chef and social media personality born on 18th July 1988 in Malmo, Sweden. Being a vegan chef, she encourages her fans to become vegan and adopt the vegan style of eating.

She is a caring person who tries every best she can to discourage and stop cruelty towards animals.

Born and brought up in Sweden. Her mom is Polish and her dad is Iraqi. Being grown up, she always had an interest in cooking and so she took it further and became an inspiration to many people.

Along with this, she has created a huge family of her fans through her social media networks like Instagram. For now, she is not in a relationship. Once she posted a video in which she is looking for a boyfriend. Yet it was fun video by her.

Emira knows very well how to handle her personal life and professional life which has helped her to keep herself far away from controversies.

She will be coming up with more and more recipes and posts to entertain and inspire her fans to adopt veganism. Along with this, her cookbook is expected to be released soon as well.

Emira is beautiful and a fit model and chef with eye-catching personality. She has pouty lips, curvaceous figure and pretty smile that compliments her looks. She regularly hits the gym and keeps check on her diet to maintain her shape.

Moreover, she also started her YouTube Channel in 2012, but she is not regularly active on it. But some of her popular videos on YouTube are ‘My story and Why I chose Veganism’, ‘Plants have feelings too’, ‘Veganos’, ‘Preachy vegan A-Hole’ and many more.

She started her career by opening her online catering business. She used social media as her platform to pursue her career.

Emira created her Instagram Account named ‘EmiraFoods’ in 2013 and uploaded her first post and that was of ‘Lasagna’. In her cooking style, she aims to eat healthily and keeps dishes affordable so as to reach as many people as possible. Soon, she started gaining popularity on her Instagram Account with her regular posts relating to travel, sexy photos, foods and lifestyle. She collaborated with Wellington Boyce on an Instagram video called “If reality shows were honest”.


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