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10 Pics of this Instagram Model will make you fall for her

Erika Packard is an Indian model and an actress, who has appeared in a number of advertisements and done numerous photoshoots.

Erika was born on November 13th 1988 in India. Her father is Gavin Packard, who was a famous actor and most well known for his negative roles in Bollywood and the Malayalam industry.

He passed away in 2012 due to a respiratory disorder. The Packard family has Irish American roots – Erika’s great grandfather was a member of the US army and had chosen to settle and live in India.

She has a younger sister named Kyla.

Her mother’s name is Avril. Erika started to work as a model when a talent scout spotted her while she was shopping with her mother.

What really called her attention were the unique features of her face, which she says is partly because of her Irish heritage.

She was part of the “Marie Claire” campaign and has appeared in magazines like “GQ” and “Elle India”.

Along with Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor, Erika has featured in a number of TV ad campaigns.

GQ photoshoot

Isnt she a supermodel

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