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10 Pics of this Model proves her as hot as Malaika Arora

Heena Panchal is a Bollywood actress and celebrity. She is most famous for her item songs Balam Bambai and Bevda Bevda Zalo Mi Tight.

Check her latest Photoshoots and She looks like Malaika Arora

She is flaunting her body for the rightest photoshoot

Isn’t She looks like Malaika Arora?

She is Damn hot

Malaika Arora checked her yet or not?

Copy Cat of her is here

So a sasta version of malika is here for producers

She is super gorgeous

Maybe she will find some good producers

Whats your rating for her?

Rate her on 1 to 10.

Her photoshoots are mast

She is looking for more work

These photos will make you her fan

A super gorgeous queen is here

More pics of her will be out on our website soon


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