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10 Pics Prove That We Are Jugaadi No. 1

We are known for Unity In Diversity with so many religions, cultures, and tradition in one country. We people have all the things under one roof. We are also known for using timed resources optimally and make JUGAADU things. When it comes to making life easy we do many innovations (JUGAAD) in our daily life.

Here are Top 20 Pictures that prove that we are

How To Cool A Bottle Of Soft Drink

Overpopulated Train

When It Gets Difficult To Choose Between Your Mother and Wife

When Your Girlfriend Likes Shower
 But You Are Gareeb

How About A Foaming Cup Of Cappuccino?

Who Needs A Split AC When You Can “Split A Cooler”

Because Moms Are The Best Innovators Of Jugaads

Hydraulic Door Closers?

When You Don’t Have An iPod.

Trains Are Never Too Full.

Who Thought A Fork Can Be Used For This

When You Take Charge Of The Mosquitos

DIY Salon Hair Styling

When You Never Asked The Architect To Show His Degree

Mechanic’s Magic

Best Example Of The King Of Jugaads.

When Your Wife Tell You To Cut Onions.

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