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10 Rich Indian Billionaires Who Did Crazy Things!

There are many people who live on the streets and starve, many work hard day and night just to have a meal every day. But on the other hand, there are some rich Indians who have so much money that they can easily buy anything or do anything without feeling a pinch. For them money is like a printed paper that they can even throw away in the trash, so today we’ll see what some insane rich Indians have done with their money.

So here is a list of the insane things you will not believe these rich Indian Billionaires have done!

1. A man sleeps on a bed filled with money as it was his childhood dream

The CPI leader of Tripura named Samar Acharjee filled his bed with Rs.20 Lakhs and slept on it like an idiot. He said it was his childhood dream to do so and he did do that after earning.

2. Mukesh Ambani built a skyscraper near the biggest slum of Mumbai

Mukesh Ambani is the richest man of India and he built a 27-floor building near the biggest slums of Mumbai. The worth of that house is $1 billion and that building consumes 6 Lakh units of power or more sometimes.

3. This man made a gold shirt of Rs. 1.2 crore for himself

An entrepreneur of Pune named Datta Phuge wanted to attract women like a dude so he made a 1.2 crore gold shirt for himself and made a record for having the world’s most expensive shirt.

4. Mayawati built an Rs.1000 crore statue of herself

Mayawati Kumari made a statue of herself that was about a 1000 crore and some group of youths destroyed that statue by beheading it. Definitely worth beheading.

5. A man spent Rs.500 crore on his daughter’s wedding

Pramod Mittal is one of the richest men of India and he bought the entire city of Barcelona and spent a whopping amount of 500 crores on his daughter’s wedding there. A helicopter was booked just to take the wedding pictures.

6. Groom gets Bollywood stars as his wedding audience & chopper as a gift

In the year 2011, Congress leader Kanwar Singh’s son got married to an ex MLA’s daughter and got a chopper as his wedding gift. Around Rs.250 crore was spent on that wedding celebs like SRK and Aishwarya Rai were hired as an audience.

7. Rich father made his 9-year-old kid drive a Ferrari

A stupid father from Kerala once gave his 9-year-old son a Ferrari to drive and he was then jailed to allow his son to drive a car at a such a high speed on a residential area. Though he was released later as he was rich enough to pay his bail.

8. Mallya spent crores on buying horses, cricket players, etc but never had money to pay his own employees

Yes, it’s true that Vijay Mallya had enough fraud money to buy everything he won’t pay his employees and sometimes the employees were not paid for 6 months too. Stupid rich frauds!

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