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10 Rich People And Their Cheap Habits

Hey readers! Here’s something new to the list. Let’s accept the fact, living life-like those riches has always been our prime fantasy. Oh, wait! life-like them, or our dummy imagination of their lives?

Confused? The reality says billionaires aren’t into much of expenses that we wonder they do. They just have some simple routines that fortunately saves them many costs.

Here are a few cost-saving habits of the riches. Take a look and see if you could manage some too?


With a net worth of a $17billions, Charlie started with a business of satellite dishes. Though being one amongst the richest businessmen, Mr. Ergon avoids his breakfast expenses and brings sandwiches keeping up the high school habits. He has got no fingerprint scanners installed in the office and never travels in a first-class flight.


Carlos, being the richest man in Mexico owns 200 Companies including Telmex. He holds a net worth of $17billion. Though he resides in the most unsafe city i.e. prone to theft, he still prefers to drive himself. He lives at the same simple estate, from where he started his career.


The Walton family holds a net worth of $90billion, and its youngest son has his worth share of $40billion. Even after being the richest he never travels in first class and also drives an old rusted car.


Epic- a private healthcare company that is now a money machine, made its owner a multibillionaire, but she always avoided showoffs. Faulkner has had only two cars in the past 15 years and lives in the same estate for 3 decades.

She uses all her money for the provision of food and shelter to the poor. No doubt the billionaire mind has a heart of gold!


The owner of a popular and most wanted brand SARA holds a net worth of $69.8 billion. He still lives in a small Spanish town and never wears his brand. He believes in following repeats in clothing matters.


David Cheriton has been tagged one amongst the richest by ford’s magazine. Yet he cuts own hair and saves barber’s expenses. Moreover, he rides a bicycle to small works and prefers jeans over expensive designs. The most shocking fact is he reuses tea bags.


Azim Premji is a well-known name to Indians. The owner of WIPRO keeps an eye on all his office expenses. He even checks toilet paper usage by his employees and suggests them to get all the lights off before leaving. Azim Premji drives Toyota rather than those lavish cars and jumps on the rickshaw in emergencies. He never uses a first class flight.


Every one of us knows Zuckerberg’s habit of not spending much on clothes. He prefers a simple lifestyle and is mostly spotted wearing a simple grey T-shirt rather than those designer suits. Much of his funds are donated to charity. Hats off to the dedication!


Warren Buffet is known to be the richest businessmen, having least self-expenses. He gets into MacDonald’s on the way to work for breakfast than hiring expensive cooks for his dishes.


Would you believe the richest person on planet fly via coaches? Well, Bill Gates does. The person is kind-hearted enough to work for charity and get only a $10 watch for himself.

These were the tips to save like a billionaire. I agree some are tough, but some can be followed. Share maximum and let your friends know them too. Maybe their saving gets you a free treat! XD

So these were the riches and their cheap habits.

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