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10 Ridiculous But Extremely Hilarious Bollywood Photoshoots That Will Make You Go Pagal

If you look at some of the Bollywood photoshoots, you’ll see they are intense, eccentric, showcasing the aesthetically beautiful celebrities, film stars in different avatars. The good old days, some of these Bollywood photoshoots were hilarious and absurd at the same time. So today we will be presenting to you some of the most ridiculous, absurd, but extremely funny that will make you go WTF! Fashion and styling truly are products of the eras – its absolutely impossible that these photos are remotely pretty or make any sense here in 2018. So devour your eyes on these silly photographs of Bollywood celebs taken in the 90s and even before that, yet be careful – you may experience some serious absurdness and WTF-ness. You have been warned.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Ridiculous But Extremely Hilarious Bollywood Photoshoots That Will Make You Go ROFL

10. The Awkward Close-up

Nothing is sexier or appealing about the multi-colored tank tops and high-waist jeans. But the three actors stood shoulder to shoulder acting like they were the most sexiest men in the entire universe. This photo reminds us of a time when sculpted toned bodies and six-pack abs were not a thing in the Indian film industry.

9. SRK Gets Pregnant

The idea for the cover of the Filmfare magazine was that Shah Rukh Khan redefining his career and sphere heading to soaring heights. But the creative team took everything too literally and made the actor stand with the ‘make-believe’ fake pregnant belly.

8. Madhuri Dixit Wears A Pizza

No matter how much money Madhuri Dixit can be given to endorse a product, the last thing she should have done was to say YES to literally wearing a pizza on her. It simply looks hideous on her.

7. Mithun’s Confidence

One thing the actors in the good old days of the 70s, 80s lacked was aesthetically attractive, ripped bodies. But what they surely had in abundance was unparalleled confidence. And a true testament to that was the 1979 cover of the Stardust magazine featuring Vijayendra Ghatge, Mithun Chakraborty, and actress Ranjitha.

6. Kajol And Rekha Come Together

In one of the covers of CINEBLITZ, actress Kajol and Rekha teamed up, and everyone expected the actresses to look elegant as ever. But the photographer had a different plan, he arranged only one sweater and managed to fit both the actresses in that one piece.

5. Jaya Bhaduri Embarrassed

One of the most embarrassing photoshoots was that of Jaya Bhaduri where everything that she said was taken too literally. We can’t believe that she was made to do all this.

4. Govinda And Juhi Gets Gift Wrapped

Govinda and Juhi Chawla gave us a lot of hit blockbusters in the 90s, their chemistry on-screen was simply entertaining. But nothing is as absurd as their bizarre photoshoot. They are covered in aluminium foil and gift wrapped. Who thought of this?

3. Main Star Hu

Bollywood stars back then never really cared for grooming themselves and one such actor was Aditya Pancholi. He had one of the most awkward and disturbing photoshoot in the history of Bollywood. What the hell is he doing in the picture?

2. The Most Awkward Position

When Akshay Khanna and Karishma Kapoor were doing a photoshoot, the photographer though of all the perfect photo angles that would look nice on the couple. But ultimately chose the most awkward position for the actors.

1. Aaaooo Lolita

Shakti Kapoor is known for a lot of things, such as his great acting skills, his brilliant comic timing, and the iconic negative characters that he played. But this photoshoot is simply embarrassing.

Guys, what do you think about these hilarious photoshoots by these famous celebrities? Feel free to share your views and opinions with us in the comments section.

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