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10 Surprising And Interesting Facts About Pakistan

We had a lot of people Really ripping on Pakistan saying it was a very terrorist sort of state, which you know what guys I don’t even want to touch that. We’re just gonna talk about the good and yes even the bad parts about every single country, but for this article, we’re talking about Pakistan on top of that. We’re talking about countries I want to know some facts about Your country, be sure to let us know what country you’re also from when you tell us those facts. And of course, if you’re very Proud to live in your country share this article.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Surprising And Interesting Facts About Pakistan

1. The Moutain Range

We’re not gonna get into the culture of Pakistan We’re just gonna talk about Pakistan the country and land itself. In Pakistan, it actually has the largest mountain range in the entire world. You got big mountains like the Himalayas there, you can climb the Hindu Kush range and some of the biggest mountain peaks from K2.

2. Never Won A Medal Since 1992

Here’s one downside to Pakistan. It hasn’t won any gold medals in any Olympics since 1992. The strange fact that they won a bronze medal in for hockey and I was like uh wait what they play hockey in Pakistan. But then I realized it was for field hockey.

3. Makes Quality Footballs

If you guys are a big fan of Football or what the Americans call it Soccer, you might find it interesting that over 50% of the footballs that are shipped around the world are made in Pakistan. And they say over 60 million of them are still handstitched from a town. NASA has done studies on their balls and found out that the Ball for 2015 Fifa was the best ball ever made that’s right Pakistan did that.

4. Imports More Than It Exports

When it comes to its import exports believe it or not it actually Imports more than it exports. Currently, it exports equal to over 47 Billion Dollars, with its exports being 28.3 billion. The biggest being like house linens at 11 percent. They also export rice making seventh grade nine percent and nonretail pure cotton yarn at 7.2 percent. A lot of their imports are crude petroleum and even refined petroleum.

5. Not A Small Country

Now Pakistan it might sound like a small country, but that is far from the truth. Firstly its population stands at the sixth largest in the entire world. They currently have 182.1 million people And it is still climbing and with a landmass equaling seven hundred and fifty-six thousand square kilometers So it’s not that small after all.

6. A Unique Muslim Country

Now a really interesting thing about Pakistan is it is very unique to other Muslim countries? Now out of all those types of countries, Pakistan is the only Muslim country that has a research station in Antarctica. As a matter of fact, it has two summer research stations and a weather station and currently, they are developing a program where they can work all year round long.

7. The Highest Paved International Road

Now you may not know this, but one of the considered eight wonders of the world is the Karakoram highway. It is considered the highest paved International Road is because it’s going through a mountain range now. And It goes from Pakistan to China and stands at fifteen thousand three hundred ninety-seven feet high. It is extremely dangerous a lot of the roads are like what you would see in a movie. They go around a very sharp drop and even the highway was blown into the rock to make the road.

8. The Deserts Of Pakistan

Now when you think of The deserts of Pakistan you probably will sit there or when you just think of deserts in general, you say and nothing really grows But cactuses in the desert. Now Pakistan has the Tharparkar desert Which is the only fertile desert in the entire world now? This is because of its topography, some of the valleys and ridges are shot up to 46 meters High and what happens is rain will collect in these valleys and make the area moist. Thus growing grass and even some small plants.

9. A Baby Is Born Every Seven Seconds

In Pakistan, a baby is born every seven seconds.

10. Fourth Most Intelligent Country In The World

According to the Institute of business administration, they gathered a poll from 125 countries and according to that poll they discovered that Pakistan stands at the fourth most Intelligent countries in the entire world.

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