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10 Surprising And Unknown Facts About Tesla CEO Elon Musk: The Genius Of The Decade!

Elon Musk is a huge inspiration for millions of people out there. With lots of innovations and hard work, he has achieved a great name and fame for himself. He is known for his Tesla electric cars that have changed the way people drive their cars. He is the CEO of SpaceX, Tesla; co-founder of Paypal.

Here are 10 surprising facts about the Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

1. One of the most powerful people world:

With a net worth of 22.8 billion dollars, Elon Musk is ranked 21st in Most powerful people in the world according to Forbes magazine. He is also the 54th richest person in the world. All this at just the age of 47 years which is like a dream for most.

2. Paypal was the company which made him famous:

Elon Musk founded a company called which was an online bank. In year 2000, this was merged with Confinity later and became Paypal. Paypal was the company which made him famous and was bought by ebay for 1.5 billion dollars in 2002.

3. He dropped out Stanford in just 2 days:

He went to Stanford university to study physics but dropped out in just 2 days as he decided to make use of Internet boom that started that time and founded/established his first company named Zip2 which provided online newspapers and later sold it for 107 million dollars.

4. His company Tesla motors succeeded in electric car market:

Most of the big players in sports car industry tried their hands in the electric sports car segment but Tesla was a new company and it was the first company to succeed in the electric car space.

5. With SpaceX, he wish to reach mars someday:

Elon Musk wish to develop life on Mars when in 2001, he started a project according to which he was planning to grow crops on Mars using greenhouse. SpaceX aim to develop and manufacture space launch vehicles with a focus on advancing the state of rocket technology which currently is very difficult and costly.

6. He faced failure for both his biggest companies:

His company Tesla’s first car – Roadster had some production problems during its release. His 2nd company SpaceX had 3 launch failures before finally making a success in the launch and in their efforts. This shows that he never took failure over his aspirations and worked hard for it. He also says that failing helps you get one step closer to your success as you omitted out one of the mistake by failing.

7. He was once broke badly and became bankrupt:

During the time of recession and her wife giving her a divorce, his life was on a steep slope falling down which made him bankrupt and had to take loans from his friends. He then put 35 million dollars in Tesla, the only hope he had now. Tesla became a success and now it worths around 33.4 billion dollars.

8. He introduced Hyperloop:

In 2013, he came up with an idea of Hyperloop. It is a form of transportation in which he claimed that he could send people from San francisco to L.A. in just half an hour by using the pressurised tubes and is in the works currently.

9. He believes that AI is bad to human existence:

According to the belief of Elon Musk, the speed at which the current trend of AI is increasing exponentially, there would be a time when AI would be more powerful than the human generation. Other than Elon, there are other leaders of tech industry like Bill gates and many scientists like Stephen Hawkings also believe the same.

10. He is the inspiration to the character Tony Stark:

The character Tony Stark from the Iron Man/Avengers series is broadly inspired by Elon Musk. Even some parts of Iron Man 2 were shot inside and outside areas of SpaceX. Elon also had a small cameo role in the same movie Iron Man 2 (I bet you didn’t ever notice).

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