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10 Things About Mark Zuckerberg You Didn’t Know!

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner and creator of Facebook, World’s largest social media platform. He is a man of simple living. By creating a platform like Facebook, he has re-invented the means of communication. How simple our lives have become. We have brought to you some interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg that you might not know till today.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things About Mark Zuckerberg You Barely Know!

1. Mark suffers from color blindness, that’s why he chose the color blue for Facebook. Other colors in the fleet were not the option.

2. He had trained himself with great things. He is a multi-linguistic person. Mark can read and write multiple languages, some of which are ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Mandarin and French.

3. Mark Zuckerberg being the CEO might have a huge salary, right? Wrong. He only takes $1 as annual salary. He does not long for money, but something more than that.

4. Programming is not a kids game. But Zuckerberg started programming at the age of 13 itself (only geniuses can do that). He created a instant- messaging platform for his family named -‘Zucknet’.

5. Mark has created special features for his profile. May be you try to, but you can’t block him. Don’t even try.

6. He met her lady love cum her wife Priscilla Chan in a queue of a toilet. A love-story in a queue of toilet. Interesting.

7. In his days of schooling, he got offers from big companies like- Microsoft and AOL, but he knew he is born to do something different, so he refused.

8. Mark has hired 12 peoples to look after his status updates, postings, photos etc.

9. In 2004, Facebook was only meant for the university students. It was named as “thefacebook”, but as we know things changed and everybody loved the idea, hence it emerged as Facebook. How much we love this platform? A-lot!

10. He is so dedicated and focused that to avoid any kind of disturbances, he does not even have a T.V. at home. No T.V. brings brilliant ideas.

Since the inception of the idea, he is been working day and night to change the world. We all love him as he is the father of the Facebook, which is a favorite social media platform for a billions of people. He connected the world through his idea. His hard work paid off!! Best of Luck Facebook for more success stories ahead. If you loved the article, then don’t forget to Like. Share.Comment!

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