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10 Things You cant Imagine That Only Happen In Japan

To state that Japan is a amazing and fascinating nation would be putting it mildly. The country is loaded with a wide range of technology, new innovations, some weird traditions and fashion style. While you could not conceivably comprehend why those things are so well known in Japan, you should realize that there are considerably more odd things that exist in the nation of Japan.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Crazy And Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan!

10. Sleeping In The Office

Japanese businesses encourage workers to sleep on the job because it’s seen as a sign that an employee has been working so hard that they’ve become exhausted. In Western culture, sleeping on the job is typically perceived as exactly the opposite and employees would be fired for such unacceptable behavior. Japanese companies are convinced that sleeping on the job leads to better performance and it’s a belief that many Japanese workers share.

9. Toilet Slippers

There is a tendency in the culture of Japan to separate zones and areas into ‘clean’ and’unclean’. They also try to minimize the contact between the regions. For instance, within the house is considered to be a perfect clean region whereas the outside of the house is considered unclean. And to limit contact between the unclean latrine floor and the clean area of the house, many homes and even some open restrooms have toilet slippers before the entryway that should be utilized when in the can and removed directly when one leaves the toilet.

8. Subway Chin-Rest

If you’ve ever wanted to have a quick nap on the train on the way home, but there’s no available seats then this Japanese invention makes it possible, This somewhat useless inventions supports your chin allowing you to sleep upright, but it also scarily resembles a noose.

7. Fake Fangs

Japanese women are said to be going crazy for a crowded crooked tooth smile with accentuated canine teeth. Most people in Western culture pay inflated sums to have their teeth straightened so it’s not surprising that some foreigners will find this fashion craze quite baffling. Doctors are charging as much as three hundred and ninety dollars for the pleasure of the alteration. This strange trend has proven popular with Japanese women of all ages who have flocked to dental clinics to try to look for themselves.

6. Vending Machines

Japan is well renowned for its strange vending machines. From ones that dispense lettuce to others that dispense beer they all seem to have their uses, Naturally there are benefits to the vending machines that dispense the essentials such as bread and eggs. But it’s a strange concept for those in Western culture who are only familiar with vending machines that dispense drinks and candy.

5. Baby Mops

For only $40 you can turn your baby into a mop which cleans the floor with minimal input from yourself. Whilst the mop can’t disinfect the floor it can certainly leave it with a sparkly touch at the end of the day. Admittedly the clothing is not aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable thing for a baby to crawl around.

4. Pillows For Lonely People

Who needs an actual breasts for when you can have breasts like sensations. This bizarre invention entitled ‘The Girlfriend Pillow’ is shaped like a female body with a target market for lonely people to cuddle up to. Equally is bizarre ‘The Boyfriend Arm Pillow’ has the same concept, but with the opposite gender. The boyfriend pillow also comes complete with an alarm clock which gently shakes the arm when it’s time to get off. More controversially ‘the lady leg pillow’ is for those who would rather not have to view the foe arm and upper body of a woman and instead prefer to be confident on her silent no backtalk lap.

3. Washlets

Japanese washlets or electric toilet seats with a water spray feature for anal and genital cleansing. The warm water apparently cleans far more effectively than paper ever could. It’s temperature and flow are easily adjusted by remote control and the one self cleans before and after every use.

2. Capsule Hotels

A capsule hotel is a sort of inn created in Japan that highlights an extensive number of extremely little rooms. Expected to provide the cheapest overnight accommodation for visitors who do not require the other formalities and services offered by more conventional inns. They are constructed using secluded plastic or fiberglass block estimating about two meters by one point to five meters.

1. Strange Restaurants In Japan

In one Japanese restaurant visitors are greeted by female employees sitting on the counter with their legs spread. This popular restaurant attracts plenty of customers, but the action of these employees certainly calls their hygiene values into question.

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