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10 Unknown Truth And Secrets Of Tiger Shroff

Within a short period of time, Tiger Shroff has achieved immense stardom and popularity in the Bollywood. The actor has made a name for himself in the industry. With only a few films, Tiger has established himself in the film business. Today in this article, we will be presenting to you some unknown facts and secrets of Tiger Shroff.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Unknown Truth And Secrets Of Tiger Shroff

1. His Inspiration

When he was a kid, he was deeply inspired by the film ‘Enter The Dragon’, watching the action sequences of martial artist Bruce Lee, he decided to learn Martial Arts. Tiger has received the 5th Degree black belt in Taekwondo which is a big achievement.

If we talk about his dance inspirations then the actor has been always a big fan of Michael Jackson and Hrithik Roshan. It is his dream to act alongside Hrithik Roshan in a film. Tiger believes that Hrithik has created a unique identity for himself through his work and he cannot be compared with anyone. He’s a great actor and a great dancer. Hrithik’s film selection is also pretty unique. I also wanted to create my own unique identity in the industry.

2. When He Cried

When the trailer of his debut film ‘Heropanti’ was released, people were talking about the look of Tiger Shroff more than film’s content. The actor was trolled on the Internet for his looks. Tiger revealed in an interview that he felt it was the worst time in his life, he was worried that the audience would not accept him, and the film would flop. But when the movie was released, Heropanti did a business of Rs. 21 crores in merely three days and the overall collection was more than Rs. 50 crores. Even the people’s perception of the actor changed after the film.

3. Comparison With His Father

Since he comes from a star family, right from the beginning he’s been compared to his actor dad Jackie Shroff. Even though his career is pretty different from that of Jackie’s career. But the pressure of being a star kid has always been on his shoulders. Tiger in an interview revealed that no matter what he does, the media will always compare him with his father, and there will always be a fear of failure.

4. His Business

Tiger recently launched his fashion brand called ‘Prowl’. This is an active clothing brand and the brand worth is around $4 billion. The brand will be seen in the Indian markets in late 2018.

5. His Controversies

In 2017, a call recording was leaked in which the notable film directed RGV can be heard calling Tiger Shroff a ‘transgender’. Everyone criticized Ram Gopal Verma for his remarks, but when Tiger was asked about this controversy in a press conference, he humbly replied, “RGV is a senior director, I do not want to comment on him. Whatever my personality is, it’s my own. If his opinion about me is different then I have no problem. Everyone has a right to express their views”.

6. The Real Action Hero

Even with his first film ‘Heropanti’, he established himself as an action hero. His second film ‘Baaghi’ was also successful. Tiger is among those rare Bollywood actors who don’t believe in using body doubles or stuntmen. He says that if all the risk-taking scenes are performed by a stuntman then the stuntman should also be given the full credit. More than a hero, it’s the stuntman who risks his life.

7. His Most Special Moment

In 1990 when Jackie Shroff was given the Filmfare Award for ‘Parinda’, he came to the stage with Tiger in his hands. Jackie always considered Tiger as his lucky charm. Tiger considers this the most special moment of his life.

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