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15 Beautiful And Hottest Babes and Life Style Of Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has definitely has an interesting reputation. You either love him or you hate him, but you can’t simply ignore him. Dan is a millionaire poker player, he travels a lot, he loves social media and posting to his 22.6 followers on Instagram.

He often posts pictures with his weapons, private jets, homes, vacations of course his half naked lady friends. His Instagram is filled with gorgeous women. Dan Bilzerian is obsessed with the ladies, he even said that he’s once slept with 17 girls in one week. Today we’re going to be talking about the top five hottest girls that he slept with. Sit back and let me entertain you. Before we get started want to know who do you think is the best looking celebrity, let me know your insight in the comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Unless you are living under a rock you might not know who Dan Bilzerian is. Also known as a King of Instagram, this man is a professional poker player and also a huge playboy who hangs out with hot chicks and famous celebrities of Hollywood. Owns 2 houses, one in Las Vegas and other in Hollywood California, flies private jets and parties like a King.

He is a millionaire with super active social life on Instagram. He is so active that he actually snap-chatted and did insta story while being present at the shooting in Las Vegas in October 2017. He was seen running around trying to save his life from the mass shooting that took place and regretting why didn’t he carry his gun at that moment

He currently has 23.2 Million followers on Instagram. Not many people know that he has already suffered 3 heart attacks up till now because of his lavish lifestyle and hard core drug consumption.

But we don’t think that’s gonna stop him anywhere, If you don’t believe us, check out some of his pictures below!

So Let’s Take A Look At Beautiful And Hottest Babes of Dan Bilzerian

5. Alana Kari

Here we have a picture of Alana Kari and Dan enjoying a nice afternoon together. Dan posted this picture back in 2013 and he captioned it “life is pretty good lately”. In this picture you can tell these two are pretty close with her straddling him. Alana Kari is a very beautiful girl with amazing curves and she definitely doesn’t mind showing them off. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her in tight dresses and bikinis. She also like supposed a lot of pictures of her outings with her girlfriends who are just as beautiful as she is.

4. Megan Belet

This is a picture of a brunette with a lot going on. Dan Bilzerian posted picture to Instagram in December of 2016. Her name is Megan and she’s stunning when you visit Megan’s Instagram page you can see that she’s really into fitness and taking care of her body so that’s something two of them have in common, and let me tell you this Kentucky native has both beauty and brains. She’s an Irvine grad and a year three medical grad student. dan posted pictures of himself and Megan for quite a few months so I’m guessing they were pretty close. But now according to her social media, she has a new man in her life. So I’m guessing things didn’t work out between the two of them.

3. Nina Winther

This is Nina Winther and she’s a model and guessing now that Dan really has a thing for brunettes. The most recent pic of the two on Dan’s Instagram is from December 10th of last year. He captioned it amazing day at the dunes. I’m not gonna lie that is a pretty incredible picture. Once again she’s a stunning girl.

2. Marina Militello

This picture is pretty inappropriate, it may have to get blurred I’m not sure. Dan posted this picture to Instagram and captioned it when you’re famous they let you do it, you can do anything, just grab them by the. According to Instagram her name is Marina Militello and like mostly the other girls on this list she has a ton of bikini pics, can’t blame her though she does have a gorgeous body. But the picture that Dan posted though I don’t know, what kind of girl would pose for a picture like that, but okay to each their own.

1. Sofia Bevarly 

Believe it or not after being with so many women, the king of Instagram has entered into his first monogamous relationship. It must take a special woman to be able to make this guy go study. So let’s learn a little bit about her. This is 21 years old Sofia Bevarly and Dan says that she’s super hot and smart. The two met at a pool party where Dan already had some lovemaking with three women before sleeping with her. They hung out for a few months and were jet setting across the world. But as of a few days ago the couple made it official about this. The couple does seem happy tugh so that’s all that matters so hopefully it lasts. They definitely make a beautiful couple.

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