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15 Of The Most Unbelievable Selfies Ever Taken. Some Are Really Bizarre

With 1 million selfies being taken everyday, self-portraits have become a part of our modern culture. Selfie is now considered a global phenomenon among young people and there are even courses on selfie. On its darker side, many idiots have died and many have injured while aiming for the perfect shots. From a selfie taken during earthquake to the one taken in front of a dead body, here are some of the most unbelievable selfies ever taken.

1. No one knows how Amitabh Bachchan managed to take selfie using a landline phone in 1980’s.

2. And do you know selfie stick was first introduced by Asha Parekh and Rajesh Khanna in 1970 before it was considered COOL?

4. Now, it becomes a hot new trend…

5. …with many people mastering the art of ‘selfie stick’.

6. Even Holy men think ‘selfie’ can wash away their sins.

7. And this is how some girls took selfie to the next level by taking a shot during the Nepal earthquake.

8. Basically, a selfie is considered ‘epic’ if taken at the moment of any disastrous event or accident.

9. This is probably one of the worst selfies ever taken.

10. And this one too. Funeral selfie – the biggest threat to humankind.

11. Sorry, but this one will make you lose your faith in humanity.

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