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15 People Who Take Better Shots Than Any Pro

Check out these Photographs which will make you think you don’t need any professional photographer to click awesome photos but with some creativity, you can also click lovely photos.

1. The scientific phenomenon can be bewildering. But not when you have a teacher as cool as this one!

2. “So what if there are no surfboards? I got your back, bro!”

3. “I feel as free as a bird. Let’s fly!”

4. “Life is like an ice cream cone. It’s best enjoyed before it melts.”

5. “Drink me, Alice.”

6. “Who needs dragon’s breath, when I have the power of the rainbow?!”

7. “Through the looking glass.. err.. Sea!”

8. Eureka! Eureka!

9. This is where heaven and earth meet

10. “Winner, winner — chicken dinner!”

11. “Let me capture the clouds…”

12. “I see you. Can you see me?”

13. “Hold on. Just hold on.”

14. “Let yourself go. You’re bound to bloom.”

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