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15 Real Photos Of Some Lovely Destinations that Will Smash Your Expectation

We all have the list of things to do and places to visit. The set of pictures that are circulating throughout internet might not match up to the reality. We have arranged a list of travel Expectations vs Reality.

The Great Wall Of China

Here is the pic taken by an official photographer

its a reality shockingly

This is the most recognizable symbol of China. Built in the 3rd Century B.C. by the emperor Qin Shi Huang. The wall failed to stop invaders from entering China. The wall is one of the world’s most popular attraction with over 10 million visits each year.

The Leaning Tower of Italy

This is located in the Italian town of Pisa, the leaning tower of Pisa is one of the most outstanding architectural structure from medieval Europe.

This Tower was designed to be perfectly vertical, but it started to lean while construction.

Mona Lisa in Louvre museum, Paris, France

Lucky will be you if you get this close a view of the beauty! The portrait which is thought to be of Lisa Gherardini, wife of a Florentine cloth merchant named Francesco del Giocondo, was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The Original painting is painted as an oil on wood and owned by the government of France.

Thats how close you can get

Beaches of Maldives

The calmness, the blue waters, no comparisons, dude. All your plans for relaxing and taking sunbath can be ruined.

Famous beach of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Looking at this, one cannot resist planning a holiday to the place. The beach gets heavily crowded in times of a concert. And it is nothing less than a nightmare

Taj mahal

The majesty of the marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna River in the Indian city of Agra is undeniable. Now, if there was only enough room to take a photo.

Thats what you get

and here is your picture with TAJ

Placid Gondola ride in Venice, Italy

You and your partner, spending some quality time together. But, many people has the same desire for it at the same time

Santorini Island, Greece

This is Portraying a calm and perfect honeymoon destination, Santorini is a must on a newly wedded couple’s list. You will have to learn a ‘tortoise-walk’.

A beach in Thailand

Aquamarine waters of the place, perfect for the mood. So clean! Lol! Perfect for everyone’s mood! This can ruin the day.

Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza has believed to be built by moving, dragging and lifting huge stones, from a quarry. Don’t expect too much, And there are a lot of fans of the place, too.

Thats what you get

Picnic near Eiffel Tower, Paris.

The Champ de Mars is the long park facing the Eiffel Tower and is considered to have the best view of Paris iconic monument. The glittering lights on the Tower at sunset make the view amazing. But sadly, the attraction is visited by 7 million tourists per year.

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