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19 Pics of Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions On The Beach

Beaches are a wonderful place. Naturally appealing and infinitely relaxing due to the seemingly magical sound of waves crashing over and over again, having fun on the beach is as natural a phenomenon as any we can think of. Of course, this list isn’t concerned with any of that, as we’re more interested in the fact that gaggles of gorgeous girls find their way there every year, only covered in small stitches of fabric.

It, therefore, stands to reason, that when hot celebrities, who are always hounded by legions of photographers, spend time amongst the sand and water, some pretty great photos result. It may be embarrassing for the celebs in question, that so many of them have had their bikinis and swimsuits momentarily stop completely covering the naughty bits, but who else is complaining? For this list, we’re cataloging some of the best snaps were taken of famous ladies on the beach while their outfits have malfunctioned.


An alumnus of the Disney star-making factory, Ashley first became a celebrity when she was cast to play one of the main characters on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Moving on to sing and dance as one of the stars in the High School Musical franchise, her character even received a spin-off film called Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. Currently a voice-over actress with a budding music career, Ashley also starred in the recently cancelled series Clipped. In this photo Ashley’s butt seems to be consuming her bikini bottom, revealing a tan line and quite a bit of extra flesh.


A former beauty queen and model that won a reign as Miss California USA in 2009 and was the first runner-up to Miss USA 2009, she had her titles taken away for “alleged breaches of contract”. Although a solo sex tape that was released was a big part of the reason for her dismissal, it was her infamous answer to a question about same-sex marriages that got the ball rolling. Carrie was asked about same-sex marriage and her reply was far from popular. Although she said it was great that people can choose, she also stated that her family believes “that marriage should be between a man and a woman”, “no offense to anybody out there”. Seen here in the water with her beau, her bikini top has slid just enough that one of her nipples is nearly entirely exposed.


A Danish model who was featured on the 2014 cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she was named the yearly event’s rookie of the year in 2012. Having previously posed for Billabong, Leonisa, Banana Moon Swimwear, Macy’s, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Victoria’s Secret over the years, gigs seem to be banging down her doors. Choosing to go into the water wearing nothing but a white dress with a number of slits in it just seems to be asking for your clothing to fail you, which totally works for us. The plunging neckline served to reveal her boob and the cut to the waist provided the world with a view to her nether regions.


Another veteran of The Hills, Heidi’s malfunction only involves her top but is far more obvious. Infamous for her overly dramatic feud with Lauren Conrad and her marriage to uber-douchebag Spencer Pratt, Heidi seems to be utterly desperate for attention. Attempting to become a singer despite an atrocious voice and doing a complete rehaul of her body are just two of her other antics. Seen here gallivanting in the water, her entire oversized boob has been exposed as her hand desperately grasps at covering it and placing it back in its covering.


While the reality show, The Hills aired, Whitney served as the best friend of the show’s main star, was well known for her pronunciation of the letter g and her attempts to enter into the fashion world. After a failed bid to play the lead in her own spin-off reality show, The City, Whitney actually created her own fashion line and then became a judge on Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. Not content to follow in the footsteps of other celebrity wardrobe malfunctions here, Whitney has managed to slip a nip and expose the outer limit of her butt simultaneously.


When you get signed as a singer by Def Jam at the young age of nineteen, you clearly have to possess some crazy good pipes. Judging by her international charting abilities, that she has put to use on several albums, Christina more than deserved the deal, which is why she won the hearts and money of so many people. Having become an actor in films like Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Be Cool, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, she seems at home on cameras, which helped when she became the star of her own reality show. A veteran of many, many wardrobe malfunctions, she can be seen here lounging on a towel while her one piece swimsuit has moved to the side, revealing one her breasts.


We ask you, who wears a hat in the water? A Canadian pop “punk” princess who had a record deal by the age of sixteen, it didn’t take long for her to become a sensation. With several hit songs like Girlfriend, Sk8er Boi, I’m With You and the recent track, Here’s To Never Growing Up, Avril has sold millions and millions of albums. Seen here making her way through the water, her black and white bikini top has started to slide done, revealing her boob and a small nipple.


A world famous model that made the cut to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a highly coveted honor, she has also modeled for Victoria’s Angel. After becoming an actress, she was in several movies including Just Go With It and was a guest on shows like Chuck, The League, New Girl and Grace and Frankie, where she is a series regular. In this shot where she is grasping at a surfboard, she is clearly not posing as her facial expression is pretty great and her nipple is breathing free


Arguably the most attractive of the Sex and the City girls, there is zero question that Ms. Davis carries herself in a very classy way. Kristin also played a recurring character in the third season of Melrose Place before being upgraded to the main cast the following year and then departing the following year. An actress, also known for appearing in movies like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Couples Retreat, and Deck the Halls, her place in pop culture history is assured. Seen here, while lying out on the beach face down, Kristin repositioning doesn’t seem to realize that her nipple has come out to say hello.


First introduced to the world as the little sister of the famed singer Jessica Simpson, Ashlee first sought an acting career which paid off when she played Cecilia Smith in forty episodes of 7th Heaven. Afterwards, she followed in her sister’s footsteps, by both releasing an album and starring in a reality show. Certified platinum several times over, her music career, unfortunately, is mostly remembered today for an embarrassing incident where she was caught lip-synching on SNL. Caught by a paparazzi’s camera, this shot features the former pop star in the water with friends as her bikini top slides down, revealing the top half of her nipple.


One of the biggest television actresses of all time, her time playing Monica Geller on the show Friends made her and her co-stars household names. Not content to be the part of only one long running show, she also appeared in several episodes of Family Ties, Dirt and six whole seasons of Cougar Town. One of only a handful of actors who have been main characters in all four of the Scream movies, she also played the female lead in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Seemingly preparing to be hit by a sizable wave while potentially recovering from a previous one, Courtney’s face is ready to be splashed and her bikini top is no longer doing its only job.


Looking at this photo, we’re amazed that anyone with boobs that size could have thought that bikini top would do the job. Best known for playing Mary Jane Watson in the first three Spider-Man films, she also was a standout in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Interview with the Vampire and far too many other films to list. Most recently receiving praise for her role in the incredible second season of the series Fargo, Kirsten is a beautiful actress with true staying power. Seen here looking like she is wading through the water, her top has slid off revealing almost all of her chest.


An alluring actress who became famous after she became a regular on The Young and the Restless from 2001 to 2003, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be long before she moved on to bigger and better things. Case in point, Eva’s eight seasons run on the primetime comedy-drama-mystery series Desperate Housewives, that seems to have taken a lot of cues from Soap Operas, made her a much bigger star. In this photo where Eva’s nipple can be seen peeking out from above her top, it can be seen that she is adjusting the garment.


Named the most powerful female musician of 2015 by Forbes magazine, over fifteen years after the group she was the biggest part of released its first multi-platinum album, she has become an icon. A multimedia superstar with critically acclaimed music videos, acting roles in Dreamgirls, The Fighting Temptations, Austin Powers in Goldmember and others, she seems to be able to do it all. In this photo, the megastar, to our surprise seems to be surrounded by people who don’t seem to be with her and to her surprise, we’re sure when she saw the pic, the edge of her nipple can be clearly seen.


At one time, Lindsay was arguably the most promising young actress in Hollywood. The star of two major remakes, Freaky Friday, and The Parent Trip, that both won her a lot of fans. She then went on to star in Mean Girls, a movie that seems to be loved by everyone. A famous actor, she managed to get a recording deal which led to two successful albums, which included the memorable singles Rumours and Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father). Seen here in a similar state to previous entries, Lindsay’s breast popped entirely out amongst the waves, but unlike her predecessor, her attempt to cover up is futile.


One of the best known and well regarded female action stars of this or any generation, Michelle has made a career out of playing characters that you wouldn’t want to meet in a darkened alley. A big part of the Fast & Furious franchise, she brought her persona and vulnerability to Resident Evil, S.W.A.T., Avatar, the TV series Lost, and lots of other movies. While Michelle was spending her time in Cannes diving from the rocks beside a luxury hotel, her photo was taken as she climbed a ladder and her bikini bottoms came off and her crack was largely exposed.


An actress that first came to the attention of the world with the series Dark Angel, Jessica has always been absolutely breathtaking. We can safely attest that her sex appeal served to make movies like Idle Hands, Into the Blue, Good Luck Chuck and her Fantastic Four movies far more appealing. Also an incredibly accomplished entrepreneur, the company she co-founded and owns a percentage of, The Honest Company, has been valued at 1.7 billion dollars. Beautifully framed by a small wave in the water, she can be seen presumably fixing a wedgie in a move that lets us see enough of her butt to be incredibly tantalizing.


One of the most famous tennis players of the modern era, judging by the fact that she never won single singles major tennis title, her looks had a great deal to do with her fame. Linked to pop star Enrique Iglesias since 2001, their relationship led to her being featured in his music video for Escape and their supposed ups and downs serving as tabloid fodder. Photographed walking on the beach, Anna must have been unaware that photographers were snapping images from a far distance since she opted to adjust her bikini bottoms in a very exposing way.


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