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20 Hindi Bgrade Film Scenes proves, Directors are 100% tharki

A B movie or B film is a low-budget commercial movie, but not an arthouse film. In its original …… The C movie is the grade of motion picture at the low end of the B movie, or—in some taxonomies—simply below it. In india the grade simplifies according to the scenes in it.

Expressions are the main content for directors

Here is the example how directors shoots up the scenes





Now check what masala comes in the Cgrade movies

Usually Bgrade and Cgrade movies cater a small amount of people only. But the steamy scenes in Cgrade movies are always in limelight. So check some of them below

Gira hua Pallu is the main thing 

Navel press is the way to keep audience glued to the film

Even Actresses know what audience want

A kiss or two always help the producer

Love and romance is the key subject

Seduction is not out of subject

Directors always keep the subject in highlight

Item number are essential

Romance is the key

Some scenes shows directors are pure tharkis

Even horror is hot and funny

Green light scenes are directors favorite

Some directors go beyond for the marketing

Hotness and tharak is the key

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