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20 Pics Proves Web Series in India making it Tharkistan

There is an emerging trend of web series in india. Even some leading production houses are now making web serieses to lure customers. But do you know what they are making in Real . Check some latest web series in last years and you will know that the producers are now making it tharkistan with full gaali and hot scenes.

Lets talk series by series and check what producers are making and giving to the viewers.

1. Sacred Games

The Netflix’s original Indian web series starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte proved to be a huge success. Netflix gave a platform to Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap which cinemas could never give and this time they hit the bull’s eye like a pro.

But hey hey, Do you even recall some scenes from sacred games ?

Just think, Why these scenes are there ?

Now in web series, Both directors and producers have liberty to show anything

and they are making viewers glued to the series with the content they want.

2. Ragini MMS Returns

The ALT Balaji web series takes the Ragini MMS franchise to a whole new level which was not possible on silver screens. If you are a lover of horror and bold content then this is must watch for you.

Believe me there is no horror at all i feel in this series

I am still confused, Whether that was a horror series ?

3. Dev DD

Another bold web series by ALT Balaji which is a must watch for those who enjoy hot content. The web series talks about a modern young Indian woman who is just opposite of what regular people want an Indian woman to be.

If its about a story, I found nothing but yes scenes poore bhare hai director ne

Saas Bahu waale serials se bhi ghatiya kahani kahan se laate hai ye log?

4. Spotlight

The show talks about the dark side of glamour world and the struggles of an actress trying to make her name in the entertainment industry. The two season series by Vikram Bhatt can be watched on Viu.

Wahi ghisi piti story and wahi hot scenes ka tadka

5. Maaya

The adult web series by Vikram Bhatt is full of bold content. The web series starring Shama Sikander is available on Vikram’s YouTube channel “VB On The Web”.

Shama sikandar is the main lead

Moreover content is the same

6. Twisted

Another hot and bold web series by Vikram Bhatt starring Nia Sharma is available for you on “VB On The Web”. Twisted has two seasons and makes for an interesting watch.

Just a new name to the another tharki story

Have you watched this ?

7. Gandi Baat

This bold web series by ALT Balaji explores the shocking hot theme stories of Indian rural areas.

I want to know who the hell is creating these stories

They are not funny

Not even that sensous

and not even creative

They are just trying to serve the content to tharki’s and make their views count

8. I Love Us

 This series tells a love story between two women. It is very true that love knows no boundaries, no gender, it knows no reason or limits.

This is a pure story to garnish youtube views

Most of these producers and directors are fitting in hot scenes to make viewers glued

Views on the web series makes it a hit, So the tharkis are winning all the way

and producers will surely make another season and new stories

9. One Night Stand

One Night Stand narrates a story where fate brings together a strange mysterious girl and an actor. Their emotions collide and they are forced to confront the inner truth.

Its an another pure try to lure tharkis.

Wahi story, Bas scenes nye lol

10. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is an Indian crime thriller web television series on Amazon Prime Video produced by Excel Entertainment.

Story is good and people liked it.But what about the stuffed scenes

Now its easy for producers to stuff hot scenes

and people like it too

Overall its a good work by all the actors



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