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4 Confessions Made By Director Karan Johar In His Biography

Karan Johar’s biography released in the year 2017 and its name is Unsuitable Boy, in which Karan Johar revealed every secret of his life. In his book he made some confessions that were no less than sensational news, it started from his early life to his professional life. So here are some of his explosive confessions that will shock you, so let’s start.

So here are the 5 controversial confessions made by Karan Johar in his biography!

5. Paid for the LOVEMAKING!

Karan Johar made a very serious confession about his love-life and wrote that he paid for the lovemaking for the first time. He lost his virginity in New York and at the age of 26, he said that his experience was kind of nerve-wracking, he then paid again to make love with a woman just after a week. But his second experience wasn’t that good and he did not like it that much because he thought that nothing is natural between the two, everything’s just artificial.

4. A rift with Kareena Kapoor

You may not know this but there was a time when Karan Johar and Kareena did not even make an eye contact and just ignored each other like anything. Karan explained in his book that he and Kareena did not speak or see each other for almost a year because Kareena rejected her role in Kal Ho Na Ho and Karan Johar was very upset about that. She just backed out of the movie because she demanded the same amount of money as SRK was getting and Karan said no to her demand, so she just refused to do it and they then talked to each other when Karan’s father got sick.

3. End of friendship with Kajol

There was no Karan Johar film without Kajol in it, from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to My Name is Khan she performed every role in his movie, even if that role was for 1 minute. Karan Johar’s 25-year-old friendship ended with Kajol ended when Ajay Devgn shared a recording in which KRK said that Karan paid him 25 lakh to praise Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and say bad things about Shivaay. Karan just wrote in his book that Kajol killed every emotion in him and had hurt him a lot, he just wants to forget her now and just be blank about her.

2. His ‘S’ orientation

Karan Johar did give hints in his books about his sexuality and said that everyone knows about his orientation, but he lives in a country where he could be jailed for it. He also mentioned that every day he receives more than 300 hate messages and in each message, it is written that he is a queer and because of him India is getting polluted and all. Even the LGBT community says that because of people like Karan Johar, people get scared to get out in front of the world and confess about their true feelings and they just remain inside the closet due to low confidence.

1. Equation with Shah Rukh Khan

Equations between Karan and SRK got disrupted for some time and Karan said that the real reason behind it was baseless as SRK got upset because Karan made a film without SRK and it made him very sad. Even Karan got hurt as SRK was like a big brother to him but because of such a silly reason, SRK stopped talking to him. He also maintained distance from SRK because people had put allegations on him for sleeping with SRK and it really shocked him.

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