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5 Bizarre And Strange Facts About The Adult Industry

First off I want to hear from you guys do have a favorite performer in the adult film world, my personal favorite is Johnny Sins, is that weird as a straight guy? I mean he’s a dude, he gets the job done. Anyway let me know yours in the comments down below. Today we will be taking a lot at one of the most profitable industries in the world, the adult industry, but there are some unknown facts about this infamous industry.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Bizarre And Strange Facts About The Adult Industry!

5. Turnaround Rate

The number one spot we have is a massive turnaround rate. The average turnaround in the business is 3 months that means there are way too many people out there who’ve decided to go out there and have fun on camera and then hope no one else ever sees it. Women often get in the business, but it becomes tough to deal with the emotional, the psychological the physical stuff. So those who are still working at it, well they’re pretty much bulletproof and very business savvy. It’s hard to like stay on top and keep everyone happy and connected and keep working. So kudos to them.

4. Animal Love

At number 4 spot we have a love for the animals. I’m not talking like doggy style, they love like pets. Perhaps it’s because they face a ton of scrutiny from everyday people for their choice of employment or maybe it’s because they understand a more primal form of existence. But whatever the reason these adult film stars have, they love animals on a whole different level. Seriously check out Christie Mac on Instagram, the girls got snakes. She’s got monkeys, she’s got like seven dogs and she loves them all.

3. Feminist Stars

Next up in the number three spot, there are a whole lot of feminists working in Adult industry. Feminism is commonly shared belief and practiced amongst many of the women in the adult business. I really like really really really really really really really didn’t see that one coming, but apparently it’s a fact.

2. Swing States

Let get a little more obscure. The presidential elections they affect how people consume the adult entertainment. In 2004, after President Bush won the election, conservative states, the red ones saw an increase in adult entertainment related internet searches while in 2008 after Obama won, liberal and the blue states saw an increase up for related searches. Coincidence? I don’t know I feel like, the winners they want to celebrate, make sense to me.

1. The Most Profitable Industry

The adult film industry it brings in more money than Hollywood. Thirteen thousand films are produced annually amassing over 30 billion dollars in profit in comparison Hollywood releases roughly 507 films a year which brings in around 8.8 billion. The Adult industry actually brings in more revenue than the NFL the NBA and the MLB all combined. Also more money than NBC CBS and ABC again all combined. Now that’s a whole lot of money and people pretend they don’t watch this stuff at all.

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