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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Adult Entertainers

Today we will be talking about adult entertainment, yeah you heard that right! We will be talking about some unknown things about your favorite adult entertainers. It’s probably not a huge surprise that here at Humor Nation, we have some big fans of adult entertainers. Some of you may only know a few obvious facts about your favorite adult stars. Well we’re here to change that.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Adult Entertainers!


Danny Kira Lee Daniels has a perfect butt and is also an incredible artist which is not enjoying fine scotch and exotic cigars. You might find her painting her next masterpiece which she crafts under the alias ‘PEN15’, get it? She also has the cutest French Bulldog ever, what a gal!


If you wind up stranded roadside, Phoenix Marie is your girl. This Amazon owns two Harleys and rebuilds classic cars in her spare time. She’s handing with all kinds of greasy pipes. She’s also pretty much the funniest person on earth. If you’ve seen BZ-House, you know what I’m talking about.


You might know Asa Akira because she loves to shove things up her rear end, if you know what I mean. But she’s also a bestselling author, her book ‘Insatiable: A Love Story chronicles her unusual life. It’s a great read so check it out. You can also watch her on YouTube hunting for her new hilarious hobbies.


If you’re looking to buy or sell a house in the LA region, you might want to hit up Eva Nicole Angelina, she’s the best real estate agent in town. She CrossFit, follows a clean paleo diet and word on the street is that she’s really great in the sack.


Last but not least is our fan favorite Kim Kardashian. Mrs. West has managed to make a small name for herself outside of the adult industry. Apparently she has a very successful reality TV show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

We’ll be back soon with our next installment of facts you didn’t know buy your favorite stars. Feel free to share your views and opinions with us. If you enjoyed the article then do share it with your friends.

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