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5 Things Which Shows Television Is Ahead Of Bollywood And Its Time

If you want to look at the most cliche things in Indian, I would suggest watch our daily soaps. Indian daily soaps are been running on televisions from ages. People have been served with stupidities, and drams and still they are fond of these shows. Indian television is slowly getting progressive.

These shows have no ends and production houses further come back with new and never ending seasons. But, television industry is changed. New props which are used and new scenes are even a step ahead of bollywood. Production houses have taken televisions shows to a whole new level.

So, let us see these 10 things which shows television is ahead of Bollywood:

1. A New – Bad Concept of Love

Sony Entertainment channel aired a show named ‘Pehredaar Piya ki’, which was later pulled off. This show was based on a story where a 9 year old boy fells in love with 18 year old lady. This show received negative feedback from the viewers and was pulled back.

2. AIB Knockout

This was aired on youtube. It was a program starring Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, with Karan Johar as roast master. A petition was filed against the show. Many came in support but many people step up against them.

3. Intimate scenes

Television is been watched by family together. All big, seniors, children watch them. These television shows have started to show some obscene scenes, which should not be shown as family entertainment must be considered. But as it is a reason for the TRP, production airs intimate scenes so that public increases. Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji recently came up with a web series called ‘Gandi Baat’ which is a perfect example of this.

. Avatars of television “Bahus”

The actresses who have represented stereotypical bahus on screen are bold and gorgeous in real life. Their social profile is full of these instances.

5. Supernatural Activities

Television had forgotten the difference between reasonable and unreasonable. They have served some absurdities on television which are unbelievable. Color TV’s program Sasural Simar Ka had this storyline where Simar turns into Makkhi.

6. Scenes Shot Abroad

Some television shows have spent extra to shoot some vital scenes at foreign locations. Happened in Beyhadh, Bade acche lagte hai and many more other shows. Big budget, big TRP.

7. Songs

Title songs for the shows were acceptable. But now, the have started producing songs for particular episodes.

8. Promotion of Movies

Now a Days promotion of a movie is done through the sets of popular television shows. Big celebrities and stars do guest appearances on the famous Indian television shows.

9. Increased Suspicion

According to the show ‘Savdhaan India’, every other human is a criminal. Many people watch this show and it definitely affects their psychology, the way they think and act.

10. No Story lines

Television serials now have no story line. They show whatever they feel could be put on screen. The rationality is lost, and all production houses cares only TRP.

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