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5 Unknown Facts About The Billionaire Bill Gates

Forbes released its list of the 2018 billionaires where it listed Jeff Bezos as the richest man alive while Bill Gates drops down to number two. But hey, he’s still the second richest guy in the world, and who knows he might surpass Jeff Bezos very soon.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Unknown Facts About The Billionaire Bill Gates!

5. His School Had The First Computer

First up in the number one spot is his childhood school had one of the first computers in the US. Now Bill Gates was enrolled at a private school and they had all the benefits including one of the first school computers. But the thing was an extremely advanced, the first program bill ever used on the device was playing a game similar to that of tic-tac-toe. From there he was hooked and it was widely reported that Gates hacked his prep school computer to have himself placed in classes with the female students that he fancied. Now smooth move and all, but if computer geeks are only becoming cool right about now, I don’t think he had a chance in hell back then.

4. His House

To the number two spot where we talk about his current home which is worth a whopping 63 million dollars. The 66 thousand square foot Gates bequest in Washington took 7 years to assemble and million dollars. Development included a large portion of a billion board feet of wood went into the development of the extravagant property which includes a trampoline live with a 20 foot roof, a party room to suit up to 200 visitors, 24 restrooms, six kitchens and the sky is the limit from there. Now in the first fact I realized he got an eye for the ladies and the second fact I realized that he has a trampoline room. Bill Gates is getting cooler and cooler.

3. He Is A College Drop Out

Next up in the number three spot, Bill Gates is a college dropout and by college I need Harvard. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, he was in the middle of his course, two years into his study program. He wanted to realize his dream of programming and writing software for the computers of new generation. Bill Gates along with the help of his friend Paul Allen they started up a company and named it MICRO-SOFT. He did get around to finishing up that education in 2007, he received an honorary degree from Harvard. That was 32 years after he had dropped out. I feel like he didn’t even have to study or write a test or nothing, they were just like okay we know you’re smarter, well you just hang this on your wall please.

2. His SAT Score

Speaking of smart in the number two spot we have his SAT score. Now for those living outside of the US including myself SAT scores need a little explaining. The SAT is typically taken by high school sophomores juniors and seniors. Your scores tell college admissions staff where you are compared with the other students that take the test. Bill, he went on to score 1590 out of 1600

1. He Is Really Humble

This dude is actually a really really humble. Bill Gates flew coach up until 1997 even though that his worth was already well into the double digit billions. Sometimes people just want to be around us common everyday folk. However in 1997, when Gates became the wealthiest man in the world, he then went ahead and purchased a private jet, but only because he was traveling so much.

His presence is still felt within the Microsoft Corporation where people are not allowed to fly first class. They can upgrade to business class if it’s international, but he’s still you know implementing some rules. Keeping everyone in touch with the people, gotta love that about Bill Gates.

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