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7 Adult Web Series That You Should Watch On Ullu TV Today

This is the age of internet television, web series are more popular than the mainstream TV shows among the youngsters. Today we will be taking a look at 7 adult web series that you can watch on Ullu TV.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Adult Web Series That You Should Watch On Ullu TV Today


Juliana the lady guardian of Mr. Anant’s brat son Aditya starts blackmailing the father and son due for false sexual harassment.

The cast of this series includes Ruma Sharma, Anurag Verma, Hitesh Sejwal, and Hitesh Rawal. This web series has been directed by Bhavin Wadiya. You can watch it on Ullu TV.


Story of a love triangle between the gorgeous Anamika, her average looking husband Sudhir, and her handsome boss Dushyant.

The cast of this web series includes Kajal Shankhwar, Savant Singh Premi, and Bhavin Wadhia.

The show has been directed by Bhavin Wadiya.

People are enjoying the show


Shilpa plans to go to her maternal home. In her absence, her husband calls for a prostitute.

When he looks at her face, she just looks like his own wife. Is it a mere coincidence or something else?

The cast of this adult web series includes Flora Saini, Manish Raisingham, and Dhiraj Rai.

This web series has been directed by Deepak Pandey.


Married and out-of-league Saniya’s affair with a pizza boy is interrupted when her sister-in-law visits her for a few days.

She plots on to keep the fun going on, but things go out of the hand. This web series stars Naghma Akhtar and Mohit in the lead roles. It’s been directed by Raju Desai.


Another great series on Ullu TV that you should check out today.

Black Coffee tells the story of a young intern who serves black coffee to his boss Riya and falls in love at first sight.

She is also intrigued by Arjun and her own abnormal imagination.

Watch to know what all can happen over a black cup of coffee! The cast includes Kajal Shankwar, Sparsh Shrivastav, Akshaya Shetty, and Diksha. This Ullu TV exclusive web series has been directed by Deepak Pandey.


There’s a murder on a resort; who is murdered? Is it Priyanka, Raj Malik’s wife or is it Mahi, Raj’s secretary also her lover or is it Raj himself?

The cast includes Yash Pandit, Shikha Chhabra, Tarun Khem and Swagata. The web series has been directed by Bhavin Wadia.

7. Gandu

It’s a fight for justice and truth when Vicky a struggling actor is rapped by Sheetal Malhotra, a known fashion designer and Vicky’s friends Sohail and Soniya Step in as saviors.

The series stars Vikram Bham, Paras Madaan, Ruma Sharma, Mohit Nain, Khushi Mukherjhee. This web series has been directed by Shhagiir Kkhan.




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