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7 Hilarious Ads If Sunny Had Endorsed These Famous Brands

According to a list by Yahoo India, Sunny  was the most searched person on the Internet in India for the fifth year in a row.

She’s a former adu*t star turned Bollywood actress and she passed the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and Salman Khan in terms of Internet searches. Sunny’s made her way into Bollywood through an appearance on the reality show “Bigg Boss”.

Her entry into the house created a big buzz so much so that her Twitter gained more than 8000 followers in two days and currently she’s the only Big Boss contestant to this day that has become a Bollywood star.

Whenever you open your television, you would see the ads of many famous brands. These brands try their best to come up with creative advertisements to attract new customers, they have an eye-candy logo design, a witty tag line, and sometimes famous celebrities to attract the attention of the people.

These brands try their best to make you fully convinced to buy the product. There’s a lot of creative work and innovation involved in the making of an ad and behind the smart marketing strategy.

We all know that advertising of a product showcases all the rich and good features of the product and it hides all the product flaws from the customers.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Have Happened If Sunny Leone Had Endorsed Famous Brands

1. I am sure you want to take a bite of it too. I bet it tastes like smooth, silky, delicious..I’m talking about the Cadbury chocolate.

2. All the guys out there who want a long lasting performance…for their gadgets should switch to Duracell.

3. So big, so fast, and so strong! What a network! Reliance Jio.

4. Dum hai! Bada Mazboot Hai!

5. Now that’s a lubricant, I mean oil that I’d recommend for every man and woman out there.

6. Don’t Waste Time. Just Do It.

7. That’s one way to shave.

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