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7 Interesting Facts About Randeep Hooda That His Fans Should Know

Randeep Hooda is also a rising superstar of this generation. His movies always seem to impress us with their unique content and his marvelous acting. But does anyone of you know everything about him? If no, then be ready as we’ll tell you something about Randeep Hooda that his fans should know about, so let’s start.

So here are some facts about Randeep Hooda that everyone should be aware of!

1. His background

Randeep Hooda was born in Rohtak, Haryana on 20th August 1976. His parents are doctors namely Dr. Ranbir Hooda and Dr. Asha Hooda. His childhood was not very pleasant as his parents left him with his grandmother at a very little age. Since then he has stayed away from his parents and his grandmother had a bitter nature which left him sad and upset all the time. He felt as if he was betrayed by his family all the time.

2. Bratty student

He said in an interview that he was a bratty student who loved teasing his teachers and classmates. When he was in his boarding school in Sonepat, he was commonly known as Randeep Don Hooda due to his nature. Pretty cool!

3. His odd jobs

When Randeep Hooda was pursuing his master’s degree in Business Management and HR, then he had to do various kinds of odd jobs to earn his pocket money in Australia like washing cars, waiting tables, driving taxis etc.

4. His debut

His debut film was “Monsoon Wedding” in the year 2001 and he couldn’t gather any fame or recognition from that film. He came into recognition after appearing in Ram Gopal Verma’s film “D”.

5. Personal life

Randeep Hooda was once in a serious relationship with actress Sushmita Sen, they fell for each other during the shooting of the film “Karma Aur Holi”.

Once in an interview, Randeep mentioned that his life and career changed after breaking up with Sushmita Sen. He thinks it to be the best thing that happened to him.

6. Pushing his own limits

Randeep Hooda is the kind of actor who pushes his limits every time to impress his audience.

He has played variety of roles in various movies, he even kissed his male co-star in Bombay Talkies and not only this but he has also portrayed each of his characters on screen very nicely. Surely a great actor.

7. Main hobby

Randeep Hooda is really fond of his horses, he even owns six horses himself.

He really loves his horse named Polo and also participates in Equestrian events. He has also won 2 medals in horse riding events.


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