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8 Pics of Disha Patani shows She is too much bold n beautiful

Bollywood actress Disha patani endorsed Calvin klein and most of her pictures goes viral on internet. She reveals the brand in india with some of her poses. People are even waiting for the new pictures. So she make a brand successfull in a recent stage for a country like india.

All the pictures are loved by her fans

Every every picture of disha patani with calvin klein shared million of times from her insta and facebook pages.

It all started 2 years ago when she joined this brand.

She took the brand recognition to another level in india

This diwali picture got headlines in every entertainment website

Brand managers must be happy with the following of disha patani and Even the actress got a new fab style

You can recognise the branded wear in her recent pictures

It means the girl is making a lot of money via CK publicity

Maybe company bonded her for wearing brand all the time.Even this picture of her on diwali was trolled, As she uploaded same picture with some changes

So Whatever, The girl and brand is making vibes in India

Hope some more poses from her

and maybe some new colours for her female fans


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