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8 Unknown Facts About World’s Biggest Brands

The story behind every brand in the world is different, some may seem interesting and some may seem boring to you, but everyone has their own tale. So today we come up with some unknown stories behind the famous biggest brands that everyone should know about, so let’s start.

So here are the 10 unknown facts about the world’s biggest brands!

1. Lucky weekend in Vegas saved the FedEx

During the 1970s, FedEx was losing millions of money and was under lots of debts and they weren’t able to meet their financial requirements. Then in a weekend Fred Smith got on a plane to Las Vegas and won $27,000 in Blackjack, with that money he saved his company, Lucky Weekend Fred!

2. Lamborghini exists because of Enzo Ferrari’s pride

Lamborghini was actually a tractor manufacturer and Ferruccio Lamborghini was very fond of luxurious cars and especially Ferrari. Once when his Ferrari’s clutch broke down, he noticed that the clutch was same as his tractor’s, then he confronted Enzo about it. After this Enzo dismissed him and insulted him by saying that he has no knowledge about luxury or race cars and the rest you know.

3. BMW became Car manufacturer as Germany lost WW-I

BMW was basically an aircraft manufacturing company but after World War-I the production of aircraft was ceased. Then eventually BMW had to start manufacturing motorcycle and then cars because they faced financial problems.

4. No Coca-Cola without American prohibition

Coca-Cola was created by John Pemberton and he just wanted a substitute for his addiction to morphine, so he started this drink and named it French Wine Coca. But when a prohibition was passed by Atlanta in 1886, then he had to make it a non-alcoholic drink and named it Coca-Cola.

5. The logo of McDonald’s is based on the shape of stores

The “M” in McDonald’s logo can be recognized by everyone in this world from a distance too, but this logo wasn’t inspired by the company’s name. They designed this logo by keeping in mind the restaurant’s architecture and so from where they got their inspiration.

6. The Nike sign is not a tick mark

Nike was originally called the Blue Ribbon Sports and then it was renamed as Nike after the winged Greek Goddess. So the tick sign you see on every Nike product symbolizes the wings of that Greek Goddess and her speed too.

7. Apple logo is not a tribute to Alan Turing

Many people do not know the truth behind the Apple logo but it is nothing so dramatic, the logo was just made because Steve Jobs loved apples and it was his favorite fruit. His first computer was also named as McIntosh Apple due to his fondness.

8. UPS was founded by two kids

The United Parcel Service was founded in the year 1907 by James Casey, who was a 19-year-old boy at that time. He borrowed $100 from a friend and started this company and now it is the largest package company in the world. While James was a teenager he had already become  CEO, Chairman and a President of a company, surely a big deal.

9. Virgin airlines named virgin as founders were virgins

The story of Virgin airlines is quite popular and the name popped up behind one’s mind and they all thought that they should name their business as virgins because the founders who were running the business were also virgins.

10. Fanta created in Nazi Germany

During World War-II Nazi Germany was subject to various trade embargoes and they had lack of raw materials for Coca-Cola, so they thought of making a drink from the leftovers of leftovers and named it Fantasie after a German word for imagination. So this was the list of world’s biggest brands and the unknown stories of these biggest brands.

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