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Bollywood Celebs And Their Cases With Obsessive Stalkers

Many cases have happened in the recent years where our Bollywood celebs have been disturbed by their obsessive stalkers. Some cases were so extreme that these celebrities had to report an FIR against them as they were scared by their threats. So let’s know about those cases and know which stars became a victim of their stalkers.

So take a look down below at the list and know which Bollywood celebs had obsessive stalkers!

1. Shruti Haasan

Yes, Shruti Haasan was a victim of an obsessive stalker who was none other than a person from her shooting crew. This guy appeared on her doorstep one day and tried to hurt her there, Shruti Haasan was so terrified by this incident that she had to file a complaint against him and asked for protection at her home.

2. Varun Dhawan

Even Varun Dhawan also became a victim of his stalker and she was a crazy fan who used to write him Whatsapp messages. When she wasn’t getting any reply of those messages then she threatened him that she will harm herself if he won’t reply to her messages or meet her soon. He had to file a complaint against her to ensure that she doesn’t do anything stupid.

3. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone was a victim of cyberstalking and shared her story with everyone in an interview. She said that a person was crazily stalking her so was so frightened because her husband was also out of the country at that time and she became so scared to live in her own house alone.

4. Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel’s stalker was so crazy that he followed her from the airport to home and did not leave her place until the security guards and police came by to take him away. And Ameesha Patel also claimed that her stalker mobbed her many times before too.

5. Katrina Kaif

In the year 2009 Katrina Kaif was stalked by a man for 9 months and followed her everywhere she went. He also went inside her house and claimed that she only invited her in and still Miss. Kaif did not file any complaint.

6. John Abraham

When John’s Dostana released a few years back, then a male stalker harassed him and started calling him on his landline number. That stalker also started calling and said mean things about his family as he wanted to meet John Abraham desperately.

7. Hrithik Roshan

The Greek God of Bollywood was also a victim of stalking and he was stalked by a Russian girl and she even tried to get into his office and house more than once. Eventually, Hrithik had to lodge a complaint against her.

8. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen was terrified when one of her stalkers sent her a bridal attire after the release of her movie “Main Hoon Na”. The stalker said he will do something bad if she’ll reject his marriage proposal. Shaken up by this stalker she had to report a complaint.

9. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor was stalked by veteran actor Raaj Kumar’s daughter named Vastavikta. She followed him everywhere and even bought a house next to him, she also claimed to be his wife and then he had filed a report against her.

10. Kangana Ranaut

The bold beauty Kangana was also a stalked by a fan and he used to call her every time and at every place. He also followed her to every place she went and used to send her emails and gifts every day and then she had to ask for cops help following all these incidents.

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