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Cinema Theatre Camera’s got Couple videos in awkward positions

Yes major cinema outlets in Metro and Tier 1 cities have CCTVs installed as it’s a security concern for cinema operations. The kind of footfall they get especially when higher budget films release or during long weekends, CCTV becomes essentially important to have a security check and for post event analysis.

you can find camera installed inside some theatres, So be cautious

This is the Picture showing all camera’s installed in an anonymous theatre. Some pictures are viral on internet about CCTV camera’s on theatre, Check some pictures below.

If PVR is installing night vision camera’s in their auditorium than it will help in many ways like if someone is doing piracy the Cinema team can easily catch the culprit and hand him over to police, if someone is misbehaving in audi they can find it easily without any damage to cinema property.

Even in Pakistan, Some Cinemas got camera installed

Videos got leaked on internet

Several of these videos have been circulating through WhatsApp, where the night vision cameras show clearly what they are doing.

Some more to come

and news one

But mostly cinema team spreads these rumors to those people who “misbehaves” (college couples) who most of the time gets intimate with each other thus damaging the seats, recliners. Here if the cinema team finds such people they go to their seats and inform them that we do have cameras in audi so be careful and after that the couple enjoy movie silently thus such rumors are sometimes helpful for the team other than repairing the recliners everytime spending money and valuable time on it.

A minor girl was sexually abused by a person aged around fifty inside a cinema theatre at Edappal in Malappuram. 

These is what we used to practise at our Cinema Location to save the damages dont know about others.

Recently one more video went viral of couples inside AUDI

So be cautious and dont try to makeout or kisses in cinema’s.

There is a simple test you can do to check whether if someone is surveilling you with night vision or not. Use your phone camera!. If your camera picks up light in pitch black darkness you can pretty much bet the environment you’re in is lit up using infrared lights. All Digital camera sensors (i.e. CCD or CMOS) pickup infrared frequency with ease.

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