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Gully Boy – A watch or not

Ranveer Singh is all set to rock Bollywood with release that is Gully Boy.

A lot is being said about the movie, and the audience is waiting for the movie too. Here are some unknown facts about the film along with cast and release date also.

  • The movie Gully boy is based on the real-life rapper Divine and Naezy.
  • The original name of Divine is Vivian Fernandes. Divine is his stage name, and the reason behind such name is because earlier he uses to do religious raps only.
  • Ranveer Singh is playing the role of Divine.

As a fan of rap music in India, I think this is a movie that can be at par with 8 mile. If you don’t know what 8 mile is, then you don’t deserve a good Indian rap movie.

Now talking about Gully boy, these are the reasons you should be excited about the movie:

  1. It’s got a great cast in Ranveer Singh, Alia & Kalki.
  2. The story is based on Divine, one of India’s best rappers.
  3. It’s about the GOOD RAP IN INDIA, not the Honey Singh & Baadshah shit.
  4. The Trailer looks very promising.

There are some scenes that they’ve copied from the 8 mile movie, I’ve talked about them in the video below. You can watch it here:

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are coming back to theatres with Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy and it looks like the two actors have already given a choice for couples across the country to spend their Valentine’s Day evening by watching their film.

A special screening was recently arranged by the makers of the film for the industry people and media persons to get the first hand response from them about the movie. And it looks like Ranveer and Alia are having a winner in their hands as the audience are falling in love with Gully Boy for its nicely woven storyline, smooth screenplay and some amazing performances.

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