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Harbhajan Singh: A Soldier Who Died 50 Years Ago Is Still Protecting The Country At Border!

Harbhajan Singh, a soldier in the Indian Army who martyred (Shaheed) in 1967. But still he defends and protects the country, this soldier still patrols and protects the lives of other soldiers. And even today the army gives a salary to him. Army personnel calls them ‘hero of Nathu La’. This is the story of a brave soldier who still continues to guard the country’s border.

This is the story of Harbhajan Singh: A Soldier Who Died 50 Years Ago Is Still Protecting The Country At Border!

Actually, the story is that Harbhajan Singh was from Punjab, and in 1955 DAV College completed matriculation ie 10th standard. Then in the year 1956, he joined the army.

On June 30, 1965, he was commissioned and he was included in 14 Rajput Regiment. In the Indo-Pak war of 1965, he fought on behalf of India. Later, he was transferred to 18 Rajput Regiment. While remaining in this 18th regiment, he died on 11 September 1967 in Sikkim.

Officially the death of the region was a Chinese clash between Tibet and Sikkim in the Nathula Pass. After the Indo-Pak war in 1965. He was given Mahavir Chakra after his death. But according to the tales, the Baba was carrying some of the army’s goods by throwing them on mules, then he died due to a glacier collapse.

It is believed that even today Baba is absolutely sure of duty and he gets out on patrol every day. Take two months leave. And go to Kapurthala, visit his home, Punjab. His fate is like a very alive one, even though he died in 1967.

According to the stories of the army, Harbhajan visited some fellow soldiers in their dreams and asked them of building a memorial. Later it was made by his regiment only. Then gradually the Memorial turned into a pilgrimage due to the faith and belief of the people.
There is a continuous increase in his post and salary.

Now he is a Captain and his salary is sent to his family members. It is believed that Baba not only protects 3,000 soldiers but also guards 14 thousand feet high border but also reports any attack three days in advance. There is a sailor who polishes his boots, irons his uniform. The people of the army have full belief and faith in the existence of Baba. It is said that every time Baba’s bed is changed, it would look like someone slept in that bed. His uniform is kept in his room and even his shoes are found to be dirty with mud.

When there is a flag meeting between China and India at Nathu La, a chair is set aside to honor him. Every year on September 13, when Baba goes home, a berth is booked for him in Dibrugarh Express. The photographs and suitcases of Baba are sent to his village along with three soldiers. Where the family comes to pick them up, and the whole atmosphere is like a celebration. This is one of the most awkward pilgrims in the world. When asked about the soldier Mr. Prakash, he said –


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