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India’s hottest women in Past 5 Years, 10 Pics for Fans

From Anushka Sharma to Kangana Ranaut, these women set our hearts (and phone screens) on fire from past 5 years.

Shruti Haasan

At the age of 7 Shruti performed her first acapella and twenty-three years later, she hasn’t much strayed from her decision, made at an age when you couldn’t be trusted to tie your own shoes. “There’s just been nothing else that gave me that feeling,” she says.

She is super talented

“I was just a weird, awkward kid, “ she giggles, “and then growing up I was an awkward teenager, and then I became an awkward adult, and I just realized that I am awkward as a person.”
“I always wear black,” she says, unremarkably.

“There was a time when, like most musicians, I didn’t know if I had the courage to be a front woman, the courage to put myself out there. It was music that projected my personality, and it was cinema that opened it up further. And now I’m just an uncontrollable, messy show-off.”

“I really did suck in my first two movies,” but that’s what separates her from the Bombay pack of film brats, looking back at her breakout performance at age seven, it was the music as much as the movie-stardom that stuck.

“I always believed in swimming against the tide a little bit,” she says, a little wistful, “but this was like setting out on a mission to drown.”


Kangana Ranaut, the small town girl Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, has climbed her way up Bollywood’s treacherous ladder to become one of its best-loved actresses.

Ever the spitfire, the actress used her acceptance speech to quip about how her hotness was underrated.

Lace corset by L’Agent

I’m investing the most precious years of my youth to portray unconventional characters, and to do films like Revolver Rani where I take extra time and effort to look ugly.”

Well, there’s nothing even remotely ugly about Kangana in our MOTY video shoot.


Sharma co-founded production house Clean Slate Films in 2014 with her brother Karnesh Sharma, and acted in and co-produced the sleeper hit NH10 the following year, playing a woman avenging the murder of her husband at the hands of Haryanvi gangsters.

She worked in many movies

When Sharma speaks, it is with great rapidity, like a river in full force, the words tumbling over themselves, taking a moment to catch up with her brain. “Things are happening very quickly for us. We’re developing film scripts… Backing new talent.”

These days Sharma’s binge-watching Black Mirror, 
the acclaimed Netflix show that explores the dark side of technology and the internet. Having been at the receiving end of vicious social media trolling.


The 2015 Miss India Supranational, 6-foot Mumbaikar is as well-known in Australia as she is in Andheri.

Corset by: Hunkemöller International

Jacket by: Diesel Black Gold , Leotard by: I.D. Sarrieri


Vartika Singh admits she gets her scientific mind from her father, but of her looks, she says, “it’s a genetic mutation, I think.” Which is not to say being crowned Miss India Grand International in March 2015 year has taken her too far from her other, more academic work.

To hear her tell it, Vartika Singh was never supposed to be a Miss India. The erstwhile class-skipper and homework shirker says that when she gets back in touch with her old friends, “They say, ‘Are you serious? This is you now?’ I never

“But people think if a girl is beautiful, if she’s wearing make-up and is dressed well, that she doesn’t have any brains. But I am being very practical. I am qualified in this, I know how to do this. Even if I didn’t have the Miss India title, I was already working as the youngest ever

But as long as she’s a Miss India, she’s based in Mumbai, where people that look like her can trade on those looks. And at age 24, she can afford to defer that whole PhD thing a while longer.


After a gap longer than you’d deem necessary for career suicide, Waluscha De Sousa decided she’d bet on Bollywood, despite a long modelling hiatus. It worked, and her rookie role in this year’s Fan was opposite none other than Shah Rukh Khan.


Don’t be fooled by those kohl-rimmed eyes and come hither pout; Amy Jackson can get rough and messy like the best of them.

Corset, robe; both by Myla. shorts by La Senza.

Most by L’Agent by Agent Provocateur. Cover-Up by Zara.


She’s only 26, but Pooja Hegde has already blazed a trail many of her contemporaries would be envious of, acting opposite some of the biggest male superstars in Bollywood and in the South.

Jacket by Levi’s.
Bikini top by Michael Kors.

Tube top by Michael Kors
Fishnet bodysuit by Kriss Soonik

Bikini by Kriss Soonik.
Shoes by Sophia Webster.

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