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Old bollywood

For about more than a decade, people are constantly blaming Bollywood for ruining the present generation on account of hot scenes, as it’s generally said that kids do what they see on TV and movies.

Some heroines make it possible

However, today we present you an article which would prove that not only the movies of 20th and 21st centuries but also of 80s and 90s had bold scenes.

Madhuri dixit took it to another level with her beauty and sensousness

At the same time, there is not the least doubt that hot sequences in the movies of ‘then’ were no less arousing if compared with the ones of now-a-days. Don’t believe us?

Here are the 9 pics from the movies of 80s and 90s which will support this fact and make you believe it!!

1. Ram Teri Ganga Maili

This film take it to new level

2. Mohra

This song take it to another level

3. Border

4. Gopi Kishan

5. Khiladiyo Ka Khiladi

6. Juhi CHawla and Sunny deol

This actress with beautiful figure take things good in bikini.

7. Aastha

Rekha is in the lead.

Search for it on youtube

8. Vidhaata

Agree with us now after taking a look at these pics? So from now onwards, stop putting a blame on today’s movies for short dresses and s*x scenes as they were in abundance in the Bollywood films of 80s!!

Now Trend is changing from last 10 years 

Hot scenes are essence of any bollywood flick and actresses want to give intimate scenes to rank up their performances.

This ranbir deepika kiss scene is almost hit in their list

Some Kissing Scenes From Bollywood Movies That Were Too Hot To Handle

If you think bollywood can survive without this masala, Then you are totally wrong

You can check how Richa Chadda ranks up after her scenes in romance-thriller ‘Tamanchey’.

Actresses knows this is the only way to get more work in bollywood and No producers make film without masala

Even superstar like katrina starts from the bra scene only.

Thats how she flaunts in the eyes of bollywood

Almost every actress is working on this thing only, But only some got success in the end.

Masala is the essence of bollywood and everybody accepts it

Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh’s hot scene from ‘Bajirao Mastani’

These scenes are not demand of story, But directors make them essentials.

Now there is tough competition in masala scenes too because of some new entries

Bikini scenes are just casual nowdays

People are now looking for more masala

and film makers are gearing up for the same

Its business after all

More spices means more money

and no spices means no money

So gear up for more sensous films ahead

Now internet based channels are opening up platform for more openness

Netflix, Alt balaji will open doors for more masala

What do you have to say in this connection? Share your views with regard to the article in the comments section below.

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