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Reliance Jio fiber Broadband Speed and Review

Reliance Jio also Offer all it’s Customer for a FREE 3 Months of Usage with 100 GB Per Month Pack. And you will be Getting 100 MBps until that 100 GB and after that the Speed will be Changed to 1 MBps per Month.

Reliance JIO Fiber is unbelievably good. They started offering the trial for this in my sector(Location- Noida) around Feb 2017 and in March 2017, I got sick of Hathway and decided to switch.


They charge a security deposit of ₹4500/- against the modem. Since the service has not yet been launched formally launched, the internet charges are ₹0/-


On a connection of 100mbps, I receive speeds ~90–95 mbps.

Ease of use:

Recharging is pretty simple through the MyJio app. The monthly plan is for 100GB but can add in increments of 40GB.

Downtime and Support

In the >1 year, this connection has been down maybe 3 times and when it was, support desk was able to help me restore within a couple of hours. It just needs a little care(i.e the wire should not be move around much) as it’s optic fibre but that’s not a problem because of the way it is installed(fixed into the wall).

Overall experience has been very very positive(anyone’s would be after a year of free, high speed internet). Most houses in my neighbourhood have since shifted to Jio fibre and that has not led to any degradation of speed/bandwidth. Jio is without a doubt, a game changer in this space.

Review Submitted by Anushree Chauhan on Quora

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