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Security Cameras installed in Lahore and Pictures of Various Couples captured

Some Couple CAUGHT IN THE ACT of kissing and cuddling each other. Some pictures caught by the Security Cameras in Lahore.

A Social media page pendu production published this Humor pictures with the caption

The Real Tabdeeli is here guys.

* no. khud blur kiay hain, post isliay kar rahay hain k bach k raho…cameray ki nigaah ap par hoti hai*

Three on the Front Seat with girl in the middle

Couple Cuddling each other

Now look at the smile at her face

Love birds caught by the CCTV

Couple are preparing for valentine day ?

This News is gooing viral right now all over.

Last year one couple pics from bank ATM CCTV went viral from India too.

So sometimes CCTv’s just make it too much for us.

What do you think about the CCTV Camera’s here and there without any information to the public. I hope these things are right of youth and Every country government should ban these over CCTV camera usage.

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