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Take A Look At How Much IPL Cheerleaders Earn! More Than An Engineer!!

While watching long IPL matches, you must have seen, actually enjoyed the dance of the cheerleaders. Whenever a batsman hits a six or even a four, you definitely get to see some eye-pleasing dance which we all love to watch. The cameramen also don’t leave a chance to show the beauty for our big TV sets. But do you know how much do they make in a single match just by dancing?

Here are some interesting facts about cheerleaders all the way from IPL:

1. The cheerleaders are paid on per match basis. For example Per match, they are paid ranging from $450 to $800 according to their performances.

2. The more they do, the more they get paid for. Like for ex winning bonus, extra appearances and even for the photoshoot purpose, they are paid up to $400.

3. This extra amount is over the minimum amount that is paid per match and this value could go up to any lump sum according to the services they provide.

4. All the cheerleaders are paid according to the team they are taken in, i.e. all teams have their own cheerleaders and the paid salary is different for all the teams.

5. Here is the list of teams with the monthly and annual salary of their respective cheerleaders:

  a. KKR: $300 per match and $17,500 annually.
  b. RCB: $250 per match and $8000 annually.
  c. MI: $250 per match and $12,500 annually.
  d. RR: $180 per match and $5000 annually.
  e. KXIP: $150 per match and $4000 annually.
  f. SRH: $150 per match and $4000 annually.
  g. CSK: $150 per match and $4000 annually.
  h. DD: $150 per match and $4000 annually.

6. These cheerleaders are the one who adds to the glamour of the match and they are paid accordingly. With every new edition of IPL, the pay of the cheerleaders goes up by 10%.

7. Converting the annual salary to INR, the salary of these cheerleaders goes up to 12 lakhs which is more than the engineers working in firms, that too for only dancing for a day or two in a month.

8. All services from accommodationtravelfood etc are provided by the franchise to these cheerleaders. All these services are over the amount that is paid over the fixed pay.

9. Being a cheerleader is also not very easy, they need to look after their physiqueand health and maintain it. They also have to work hard the same as the cricketers, they need to practice the performance before the match.

10. They do face a lot of problems too, people call them dancers, pass cheap comments, and this happens especially in India. They are objectified every time and are also trolled by meme-makers.

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